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Cinnamon – It’s Not Just For Toast Any More!

Cinnamon and insulin resistance don’t sound like they belong in the same sentence. After all, when you think cinnamon, isn’t the next word supposed to be “bun?” Like those massive, decadent, deadly cinnamon buns in the mall?

Not always.

Cinnamon itself is an incredibly fragrant and delicious spice from the bark of a tree. It not only makes foods taste better, it can help stabilize your blood sugar, reduce cravings, and help you gain the control to make wise food choices. Cinnamon helps your body produce and respond more appropriately to insulin, leading to a more balanced mood and better health. Eat cinnamon and weight loss is a natural result!

Studies have shown that this versatile spice can also help reduce ldl (“bad” cholesterol) as well as lowering triglycerides, leading to healthier arteries and heart.

The smell of cinnamon has even been shown to help with memory and information processing…enough that it might be prudent to have a stick of cinnamon gum handy for that next exam or while learning a new job skill!

How much will it cost?

Not much. Fortunately, cinnamon health benefits come from the cheaper versions just fine! Cassia cinnamon, the spice sold at your local grocery store, is also sold at your health food store in supplemental capsules. If you don’t like the flavor of cinnamon, you can take it as a capsule or in extract form.

Warning: Do NOT eat cinnamon oil! Commonly used in aromatherapy, cinnamon oil is too strong to be eaten.

Cinnamon has wonderful antibacterial and antifungal abilities, effective against both the fungus that causes the common yeast infection, (candida albicans,) and the bacteria thought to be the cause of most stomach ulcers. (Helicobacter pylori.) However, the stomach is prepared to deal with the rather strong properties of cinnamon. Your skin, and particularly those tender areas that tend to have yeast infections, would be burned by cinnamon. Do not attempt to apply cinnamon to skin or tender areas!

How much cinnamon do you need?

As little as 1/2 to 1 teaspoon per day of cinnamon has been shown to be effective. There are no greater benefits to be had in eating larger amounts.

Try adding 1/4 teaspoon to

Your morning coffee or tea

A bowl of unsweetened applesauce

A bowl of oatmeal, perhaps with walnuts or flaxseed on top

A chicken breast before cooking, with a few Italian herbs and garlic. How wonderful is that? An inexpensive spice that you already have in your cabinet that can help manage your blood sugar, knock out candida, and lower your bad cholesterol all in one knockout punch? Pour me a cup of add a shake of cinnamon for weight loss!…

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Affordable Hair And Skin Care Product For Beautiful You

They say that beauty is skin deep, and so it’s true, and the more you care for your skin the more beautiful you become. However, a good physical appearance does not come by accident. It is attained by nurturing and caring for your self, giving your body all the right materials to help it develop into the best form that it is capable of.
The beauty and health of your hair is a nice thing to have. Using the best hair care products is instrumental in bringing out the healthy glow from your hair. We tend to look at the hair as the first indication of how well a person takes care of her body. A shiny and healthy hair is a good sign of a clean and caring person.
Some people have naturally beautiful hair. Caring for such hair can be as simple as daily shampoo and conditioner. Other people on the other hand are not as lucky. But not having a naturally shiny hair does not mean that you cannot have one. The right care and lifestyle along with the best hair care products can give you hair that even shampoo models can be proud of.
Your hair care needs not be the most expensive kinds. In fact, there are a lot of affordable hair care materials that can give you beautiful hair. The trick is finding the most natural product for you, one that will enhance your natural hair without inducing any long term damage. Only select products with proven ingredients in them. It is also important to get them only from the trusted brands to make sure that they are fully tested to be safe for daily use.
Aside from the hair, your skin is what most people will first notice. A healthy, smooth, and glowing skin is a sign of good health. Using the right Skin Care Products can significantly improve the smoothness and tone of your skin.
For most people, caring for the skin is just the occasional lotion rub to the arm and legs. But for those who are more concerned with the overall health of their skin, a wide range of skin care goodies can be had.
There are specially formulated lotions, facial creams for clearer and more beautiful face, tanning lotion, and sun blocks. These things serve different purposes, with each one having its own way of improving or protecting the skin.
For example, to many people who love the beach, sun block is an indispensable skin care product. Its ability to protect against the harmful effects of the sun is the reason why it is one of the most popular skin protection products.
Caring for your body is very important for a healthy and beautiful appearance. Your hair and skin reflects the way you treat your self. They are also what people immediately notice in us. There are a lot of products that can help you improve your hair and skin. Most of them are affordable and can be found from your beauty products supplier.…

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Sunsilk Hair Products – The Best Professional Care For Your Hair

Just like no two people are exactly the same, every persons hair is special, different and unique. This is why Sunsilk hair products were made in consideration of every individuals unique hair type. Many women, and of course men need to find the perfect hair product suitable to your their specific hair type. The Sunsilk group has consistently produced high quality hair conditioners, styling gels and shampoos yearly; it is no wonder that their products are highly sought worldwide.
Your hair may suffer from a lot of problems with styling their hair but with sunsilk, you can finally say farewell to these problems forever. Many hair care professionals rely on these range of products to give their clients the best in hair care available. It is no wonder why celebrity personalities endorse Sunsilk.
The most popular of the product range supplied by this company includes the shampoos and conditioners. For many years, Sunsilk product lovers have been privy to use world-class shampoos that produced wonderful results. These products are especially effective in helping to care for dry and oily hair while allowing flexibility in styling. In terms of addressing the issues of hair brittle hair that easily breaks, the company’s brand of conditioners are the right tools for the job.
One of the features I really love about these products is the really attractive color coding that is used on the containers and it also helps identify specific product. Examples of some of the top class conditioners you can buy either online or in stores include: Captivating Curls, Hydra TLC, Straighten Up just to name a few.
For those who would prefer a slick, wavy hair-do, the “Waves of Envy.” is the shampoo for you. To let you in on a secret, this product happens to be one of the top Sunsilk treatments used by regularly by professional hair stylists.
The company also produces a range of male hair products which includes “Detox Everyday” shampoo so guys can also get products that also caters to their needs.…

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Most Common Types of Cancer – Kidney Cancer

India as everyone knows is on its way of becoming a hot spot for attaining Medical Treatment. It is matter of only a few years when people from almost all the countries will travel to India to get treatment for various ailments. There are various hospitals in India which provides a widespread list of treatment and surgery options which includes Endocrinology, Skin & Laser Treatment, Obstetrics & Gynecology Dentistry, Infertility Treatment, Geriatrics, Cardiology, Neurosurgery, Gastro-Intestinal Disorder, Urology, Abdominal Surgery, Colorectal Surgery, Total Joint Replacement, Hip and Knee Replacement Surgery, Transplantation, Kidney Stone Surgery and much more.

Kidneys are two bean-shaped organs with various important biological rules. The kidneys are located at the back of the abdomen. The main functions of kidneys are balance of the body fluids by filtering the bloods, production of the hormone erythropoietin, etc. The kidneys have two parts- the outer region namely cortex, inner region namely renal pelvis. Both parts have separate functions. Cancer develops in these two parts of kidney is called kidney cancer. Unlike any cancer, the tumors of the kidney cancer are also divided as benign and malignant cancer. The benign tumors are not life threatening as it has no invasion and spreading power to other parts of the body. But the malignant tumor has invasion power and it spreads to other parts of the body. So when the cells develop abnormally in the cortex and renal pelvis of the kidneys is called kidney cancer.

Types of Kidney Cancer :

The types of kidney cancer are categorized according to the nature of the cancer cells. The types are clinically categorized as :

Renal cell carcinomas : The most common type of cancer that develops in the cortex layer. It is an aggressive tumor with invasion and spreading power.Transitional Cell Carcinoma : The second common type of kidney cancer and it develops in the renal ‘s Tumor : It is called nephroblastoma and it happens in the children in the age of 2 to 4.

The other types of kidney cancer are :

Chromophilic,Chromophobic,Oncocytic, andCollecting duct cancers

The risk factors of kidney cancer are smoking, those of who having family history of kidney cancer, less-proven risk factors such as-obesity (especially in women), analgesic abuse, high blood pressure, and several uncommon hereditary diseases, including von Hippel-Lindau disease and polycystic kidney disease.

Sign & Symptoms

Blood in the urine (urine slightly rusty to deep red)Pain in the side that does not go awayA lump or mass in the side or the abdomenWeight lossFeverFeeling very tired or having a general feeling of poor health

Most often, these symptoms do not mean cancer. An infection, a cyst, or another problem also can cause similar symptoms. A person with any of these symptoms should see a doctor so that the problem can be diagnosed and treated as early as possible.

Kidney Cancer Treatment in India

The treatment of kidney cancer depends on the stage of the cancer. Understanding the stage helps physicians to administer the type of the treatment. The treatments of kidney cancer are surgical (which is called nephrectomy), radiotherapy, chemotherapy and immunotherapy. There are two types of immunotherapy — antibody therapy and cancer vaccines.

The main treatment is surgery, if the tumor is local. When only a part of the kidney is affected by the tumor the treatment is focused on that part, but if the tumor is too extended or located inside the organ, the entire kidney has to be removed, and sometimes the adrenal gland and closer lymph nodes too. If only one kidney is removed, you can continue to live normally, the remnant healthy kidney will be sufficient to assure the function of filter. If both kidneys are removed, dialysis sessions are done until the receipt of kidney transplant.

If there are metastases, only surgery is insufficient. Usually, chemotherapy or radiotherapy is used, but kidney cancer is not sensitive to these treatments so they are ineffective in this case. New treatments called anti-angiogenic drugs are used for this cancer. They act by inhibiting the development of blood vessels that “feed” the tumor. If the blood cannot reach the tumor, it cannot grow anymore.

Technology used for Treating Kidney Cancer

Advanced technology has made it possible both to detect kidney cancer earlier and devise the best treatment options. Multiple imaging tools, including intravenous pyelogram (IVP), ultrasound, computerized tomography (CT) scans, and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), provide very detailed images of the kidney, uncovering masses and allowing physicians to precisely tailor treatment options and recommendations.

Kidney Cancer surgery can be very painful one if not done properly owning to the delicate nature of the treatment. But getting the Medical Treatment done in India is one way to ensure that your loved ones have to go minimum pain and stress. The hospital staff at We Care India …

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What Are Uterine Cancer Symptoms And Risk Factors?

Having uterine cancer can pose many secondary complications and can totally alter a woman’s life, therefore this must not be taken for granted in the slightest bit. In the event you believe that you have any uterine cancer symptoms, you must not think twice to refer with your physician immediately. Yes, there may be times that uterine cancer symptoms might occur from various other conditions nonetheless; it will always be better safe than sorry.

Out of all the uterine cancer symptoms, probably the most usual would be the unusual vaginal bleeding at the start of menopausal stage.

The most typical uterine cancer symptoms you should know of are the following:

Risk Factors for Uterine Cancer

Up to now, there hasn’t been identified any distinct cause of uterine cancer. However, scientific studies have determined that the onset of uterine cancer may be prompted by certain risk factors. Those predisposing factors are as follows:

What Happens in Uterine Cancer

Uterine cancer happens while the endometrium, which is the uterus’ lining thickens and begins to shed monthly. This is actually the menstrual cycle that women experiences every month. On the other hand, in a woman that has uterine cancer, the builds up of endometrium stays permanently in the uterus and doesn’t shed off. This condition is usually referred to as hyperplasia. This is the “pre-cancer” stage wherein cells develop rapidly and go out of control. These rapidly-growing cells are cancer cells.

Since these cancerous cells multiply in a fast-paced manner, the end result is often the formation of a tissue mass. Most of the tissue mass invades the uterus through the vagina and cervix as part of unusual bleeding. The abnormal bleeding happens in 85% of postmenopausal females who are diagnosed with endometrial cancer.

When the endometrial cancer is ignored and left with no treatment, the growth of cancerous cells can travel to the deep layers of connective tissues around the uterus. The cancer cells can spread into the pelvic lymph nodes along with other organs in the pelvic region as the cancer progresses. The advanced stage of uterine cancer can metastasize passing from the lymph nodes to various parts of the body such as the lungs, brain, bones, liver and vagina.

The cancer stage has the most significant impact on the success of uterine cancer treatment. The stage of the cancer is something that no other than your medical doctors can tell you right after diagnosing you properly. Thus early diagnosis of uterine cancer symptoms is very important as it can directly affect your prognosis and chances of survival.…

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Tips and Tricks for Treating Dry Hair

Everyone loves to have healthy, beautiful hair. However, there are several different problems that can plague the health of your hair. One of the most common problems people have with their locks is dryness. Dryness can be caused by a poor diet, environmental damage, or an excess of heat while styling. If you have dry or damaged hair, there are many things you can do to help bring moisture and health back to your hair.
The first step to treating dry hair is to decrease the habits that caused your dry hair to begin with. Many times hair damage is caused by an excessive amount of heat used from blow dryers, curling irons, or flat irons. If you have dry hair, you should try to only use heat on your hair when it is necessary. Try to let your tresses air dry most days, and only use heated styling tools occasionally. You can also buy a heat protecting spray or serum to use in your hair before applying any sort of heat. You can also cut further damage to your hair by wearing hats when you will be exposed to the wind and sun and to drink plenty of water.
One of the best ways to treat dryness is to make sure you are using a gentle, moisturizing formula of shampoo and conditioner. Many brands offer products that are specifically targeted towards users with dry or damaged hair. Look for shampoo and conditioner products that are meant for dry hair and also contain a good amount of proteins like silk, wheat, corn, or rice. You may also want to try to find hair products that do not have harsh chemicals like sulfates.
If your hair is still dry after minimizing the damage and switching to moisturizing shampoos and conditioners, there are some other things you can do to help treat your dry hair. You can buy products like hair masks and leave-in conditioners that will help add a lot of moisture to your hair. You can also visit a salon to get a deep conditioning treatment. Another great way to help care for your dry hair is to use various home remedies. Regular household products like olive oil, mayonnaise, eggs, and vinegar can be used to help with dry hair.
Treating dryness is a two-pronged approach. You must take action to cut down the amount of damage that is added to your hair. After minimizing the source of dryness, you can use moisturizing products, deep conditioners, treatments and home remedies to help bring moisture back to your hair.…

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Do Your Hair and Your Health a Favor, Use a Natural Shampoo

Although I have been using natural skin care products for many years, I have never worried too much about personal care products such as natural shampoo or natural soap that you put on and wash off straight away. I have always believed that if a product does not stay on the skin for any length of time then the risk of absorbing dangerous chemicals form that product is probably minimal.
That was until a few years ago when I found out more about the skin and its ability to absorb certain molecules instantly. In fact the skin can absorb substances within a few seconds and while you’re rubbing that gorgeous smelling shampoo into your scalp, your skin may be absorbing several chemicals you really do not want in your body.
Why do manufacturers put these chemicals into shampoos and other personal care products? There are several reasons including to make them smell nice, to preserve them so they last longer and, in the case of shampoos, to make them foam up well so that they appear to be doing a good job of cleansing your hair.
We’ll look at the two worst chemical ingredients in a typical store bought shampoo. They are Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES). Of course there are others, but this pair are potentially the most damaging to your skin and your health.
Both SLS and SLES are put into personal care products to make foam which cleans any surface it is applied to, whether it is a car engine, a garage floor or your hair and scalp. The problem is that both of these are known skin irritants which can mix with other ingredients and form deadly cancer causing dioxins and nitrates in the shampoo bottle itself. They can then be absorbed quickly through the pores of your scalp and then into your bloodstream. From there they can travel to the organs where they will stay, because these chemicals are notoriously hard to remove from the body.
SLS and SLES also cause trouble even before they are absorbed through the skin in the form of scalp irritation and even hair loss. Hair loss is really not what you are looking for in a shampoo!
So why don’t more people use a natural shampoo? Well mainly because they are not aware of the potential damage store bought shampoos can cause, and also because natural hair care had the reputation of being hard to lather and to rinse out. This has since been addressed and natural hair care can deliver the same or better results than its chemical equivalent.
Lastly a word of warning – beware of shampoos at health stores. A lot of these contain Sodium Laureth Sulphate called by another name. Always read the label carefully or use a reputable online store which sells a genuine natural shampoo instead.…