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Natural Hair Loss Products For Women

It’s not pleasant to think about, but nearly half of all women will eventually start losing their hair. Female pattern baldness typically causes the strands to start thinning around various regions of the head. This can be very distressing for women since their hair is seen as part of their identity and as a symbol of beauty. Fortunately, there are natural hair loss products for women which can help regrow hair.
Hair Growth Shampoos
If you are losing your hair, you should be very selective about the products you use to clean your hair. It is generally best to only use hair loss products for women which consist of natural ingredients. Avoid products which contain harsh chemicals which can damage the strands by stripping away their natural oils.
Look for shampoos which are made from natural ingredients such as rosemary, chamomile, or vitamin B.
Vitamins for Hair Growth
Many women who are losing their hair also have vitamin deficiencies. The strands must have certain nutrients or they can actually stop growing. This is why multi-vitamins and pre-natal vitamins are considered to be good hair loss products for women.
Vitamin B helps the body produce the protein the strands need in order to maintain their structure and grow. Vitamin E improves circulation and increases blood flow to the scalp. A healthy blood flow stimulates growth since the blood carries nutrients to the scalp to feed the strands. Vitamins A and C are also good for the strands.
Herbal Hair Loss Products for Women
The herbs saw palmetto and green tea are effective hair loss products for women who have female pattern baldness. These herbs block the production of a hormone which causes the strands to fall out by destroying the follicles.…

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Cobalt – What You Don’t Know

Cobalt is actually a trace mineral, meaning that it’s required by the body in minute amounts. Nevertheless, it performs numerous very significant functions. Cobalt helps fix the myelin sheath, which surrounds the nerves. Autoimmune disorders injure this particular tissue. As a result, cobalt is very beneficial for those who have problems with these kinds of health conditions.
Vegetarians do not necessarily get enough Vitamin B12 through their diet plan. In individuals that follow a common Western diet, absorption can be affected if there is a cobalt insufficiency. Cobalt is necessary to absorb vitamin B12. One of the sequelae of cobalt deficiency is that one can possibly end up with a hormonal imbalance. The reason is, there is a reduction in cobalamin. When one has a sufficient source of folic acid, this can disguise a cobalt insufficiency.
If supplementing with folic acid you will need to also supplement with vitamin B12 and with cobalt. The reason why vegetarians require this specific vitamin and mineral is that green vegetables tend to be abundant in folic acid and as described it masks the B12 shortage. The effects of this can be dire as irreparable nerve damage sometimes happens due to vitamin B12 deficiency.
Red blood cells are where the cobalt is located. Lesser levels of this are in the spleen, pancreas, liver and the kidneys. Cobalt is a key component in moving glucose from the blood into the cells of the body. It can help to create the red blood cells and assimilates the structure of the red blood cells. This kind of mineral stimulates numerous bodily enzymes and cell function is stabilized in as well.
You will find multitudes of terminal disorders that can happen in the absence of cobalt in the body. Nerve damage, retarded rate of growing, harm to the Myelin sheath, inadequate circulation, fatigue, pernicious anemia and digestive disorders are among the problems that cobalt insufficiency could cause.
The interaction between vitamin B, iron and cobalt is very effective for the body. The size and charge of a particle is referred to as ionized. When true ionization is present then this is calculated in angstroms. This is 10, 000 times smaller than colloidal mineral. There isn’t any charge unique to mineral; once they have ionized then they do have a unique charge. This is essential to ensure that the body to absorb.
In many instances, the body is only competent to absorb between five to twenty percent of nutritional products. This means that effectually eighty percent of what is put in the body is wasted. This presents an enormous waste of money.
Ionic minerals are reportedly one hundred percent bio available. Which means they are ready to be absorbed without delay. The minute the minerals are exposed to bodily tissue, the entire process of absorption begins.
Storing or toxicity within the cells doesn’t happen. The reason is, the minerals are usually quickly absorbed. The body does not store any of this that is not used is excreted right away.
The body is more wise than people today give it credit for or than people may realize. The body understands exactly what will work for it and what’s detrimental to it. It is even able to differentiate between what is somewhat good for it and what is exceptionally beneficial to it. It completely sets itself apart by priority and degree. If the body doesn’t obtain what it should then it’s going to substitute to the best of its ability. This is often challenging as it can certainly weaken tissues, cells, cause toxicity, and harm to the body.
The way around this is to include exceptional nutrients to your diet. The body will then release these kind of substitutes and substitute them with much better elements. Therefore, with the help of cobalt supplements to the diet our bodies will be able to begin mending naturally.…

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Healthcare Articles

Is Getting Vitamin D From Sunshine a Thing of the Past?

Open just about any newspaper, magazine, or website on Health, and you will see an article on Vitamin D. Often there are several articles, many asking if obtaining Vitamin D from sunshine is all that we need. Research has shown that as much as 80% of the population of the United States has insufficient blood levels of this essential vitamin. Because Vitamin D has always been known as The Sunshine Vitamin, many have assumed that simply seeing the sun most days is adequate for supplying the D which our bodies so desperately need.
When sunshine touches human skin, the ultraviolet B, or UV-B, rays are converted into Vitamin D in an amazing molecular reaction. It has been estimated that one needs to be out in the mid day sun for 10-15 minutes each day in order to get the required daily minimum of D so necessary for healthy bones, to promote healthy heart and immune system functions, and to insure the development of healthy cells. Even though the normal adult body has about 10 trillion cells, it is important that each and every one of them remains as healthy as possible, for each cell is its own mini-factory, performing countless functions to continue its part in maintaining a healthy, functioning body.
What are some of the contributing factors of Modern Life in the decrease of this simple, yet essential, nutrient in our bodies?
1- Much of the modern workforce spends all day inside a building, lit primarily by artificial lights; even if there are skylights, the substance making up those skylights most likely reduces the sun’s beneficial rays to almost zero.
2- The farther away from the equator one lives, the greater the risk of receiving inadequate Vitamin D levels from the sun. For most of us who live in the USA, this distance from the equator is vast.
3- Certain foods contain Vitamin D, and many such as milk, cereals, and orange juice are fortified with D. However, trying to get enough D from dietary sources can be extremely difficult.
4- With the breakdown in the ozone layer in our atmosphere, most people are turning to sunblock creams to protect delicate skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Even the weakest sunscreens, ie. SPF 8, can inhibit the body’s ability to produce Vitamin D by as much as 95%. It’s a troubling dilemma; we need the sun’s rays to produce Vitamin D, yet we need to protect our skin from the harm which those same rays can cause skin cells.
5- As we age, our bodies become less efficient in the conversion of UV-B to Vitamin D, while at the same time, aging bodies need D more than ever.
6- For those with darker skin tones and more pigment, which protects cells from the UV rays of the sun, the body simply cannot convert enough sunlight into Vitamin D.
Research studies are concluding that as we get less Vitamin D from sunshine, it is becoming more important than ever to supplement the diet with tablets containing Vitamin D3. It is one of the most economical nutrients to produce, and therefore economical to purchase and consume on a daily basis. A simple test at the Doctor’s office can help ascertain the amount of D to take, as can a number of charts which one can fill out.…

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Hair Care – New Spring Styles For 2011

These days a good majority of women are putting on shorter hair in order to compensate for less time in the morning to work on the hairdo, but for the spring of 2011, look for longer locks on women, even the working woman.
Women are coming to terms with the fact that longer hair can actually be easily cared for while shorter hair may take extra work in order to tame those curls or to set the hair in the spikes that look nice. Flat short do’s are becoming don’ts for spring of 2011, with a far softer and more feminine look coming to the fore.
Long soft curls or long sleek locks with a bit of body are making the scene at the workplace and in the home and gym. Long hair can be easy care, it simply requires a style that permits you to finger comb and go like some of those tousled short do’s used to be.
The second reason why short hair is making it’s way out and slightly longer styles are coming into play in 2011 is that this year, its all about movement. The slight sway that longer hair can offer. Styles are going to appear to be moving even if they are well locked into place with gels or sprays. Clever cutting styles and easy techniques to add height and volume will make even the most well styled and laid down hair appear to have movement.
Another important concept for 2011 is a brand new look called the candy floss texture and style. Its very soft, extremely feminine to view and has a very matte finish to it, rather than a high gloss type style. A spray of sea salt or salt water is offering this great new look and then the hair is backcombed to achieve the effect of softly flowing hair even if its been gelled into place with a vengeance.
The soft side part or a center parting is back in style with the pouf that was last year on its way out again, but along with the part comes a soft fringe or a blunt cut set of bangs that will lend some softness and some swing to the style that you’re newest look is an arc cut bangs that add some swing and some softness, gently framing the face. This type bangs though can be difficult to maintain so if you’re not someone who regularly makes it in for a haircut, you’ll want to consider a blunt cut bang in order to get the effect a bit more longer lasting and low maintenance.…

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Healthcare Articles

Supplements and RDA’s

When you go to the supermarkets or health food shops looking for a multi vitamin/mineral and you pick one up and on the label it says “vitamin A 100% RDA, vitamin D 100% RDA” and so on, so you think “I’ll take this one as it has the full amount of RDA’S for all these vitamins”.
But, the thing is that these guidelines set by the government and health experts are basically the bare minimum for each of these micronutrients to stop diseases such as scurvy (vitamin C deficiency), beri-beri (thiamine deficiency), pellagra nicotinic acid and tryptophen deficiency), rickets (vitamin D deficiency) and so on, although these amount are the bare minimum needed to keep these diseases at bay, it is by no means enough to stay in peak condition, the distance between a diet to prevent these conditions and a diet to stay in the best of health are a million miles apart.(10)
It is impossible to say that such and such is the amount for the RDA’s for everyone on the planet. Every single person needs different and varying amounts of each vitamin and mineral, and this all depends on sex, age, where you live (country or city), what medication you are on, which country you live in, weight, fitness, activity, what exercise you do, your job, anything you suffer from (any conditions, ailments or diseases), family history, allergies, diet, if you smoke or drink the list goes on and on, as there are hundreds of factors that contribute to your well being.
Let’s take a couple of examples:
If you live in a busy city as opposed to out in the country, then one of the things you will need more than the ones who live in less polluted areas are antioxidants. There are way too many antioxidants to list, but whereas RDA,s tell you vitamin A 800ug, vitamin C 60mg and vitamin E 10mg, it really should be more like vitamin A 2,500ug, vitamin C 1,000- 2,000mg and vitamin E 300mg (11) as a much stronger level of anti oxidants will be required to fight all of the extra free radicals from exhaust and pollution.
But increasing your vitamins and minerals is only part of the story. Another thing that people may not realise is that certain vitamins and minerals help each other and are needed in certain combinations and certain ones work against each other. Pretty much everyone knows that calcium is needed for strong bones and teeth, but this does not make the slightest bit of difference unless there are suitable levels of vitamin D, magnesium and phosphorus because these all work together for the maximum uptake by the body. Iron needs vitamin C to increase absorption, potassium needs magnesium to hold it in the cells, sodium works with potassium in order to maintain water balance and proper nerve and muscle impulses, and then on the other side of the coin zinc and copper are highly antagonistic as they stop each other working properly and phosphorus is hindered by high levels of iron, magnesium and aluminum to name but a few.…

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Cinnamon – It’s Not Just For Toast Any More!

Cinnamon and insulin resistance don’t sound like they belong in the same sentence. After all, when you think cinnamon, isn’t the next word supposed to be “bun?” Like those massive, decadent, deadly cinnamon buns in the mall?

Not always.

Cinnamon itself is an incredibly fragrant and delicious spice from the bark of a tree. It not only makes foods taste better, it can help stabilize your blood sugar, reduce cravings, and help you gain the control to make wise food choices. Cinnamon helps your body produce and respond more appropriately to insulin, leading to a more balanced mood and better health. Eat cinnamon and weight loss is a natural result!

Studies have shown that this versatile spice can also help reduce ldl (“bad” cholesterol) as well as lowering triglycerides, leading to healthier arteries and heart.

The smell of cinnamon has even been shown to help with memory and information processing…enough that it might be prudent to have a stick of cinnamon gum handy for that next exam or while learning a new job skill!

How much will it cost?

Not much. Fortunately, cinnamon health benefits come from the cheaper versions just fine! Cassia cinnamon, the spice sold at your local grocery store, is also sold at your health food store in supplemental capsules. If you don’t like the flavor of cinnamon, you can take it as a capsule or in extract form.

Warning: Do NOT eat cinnamon oil! Commonly used in aromatherapy, cinnamon oil is too strong to be eaten.

Cinnamon has wonderful antibacterial and antifungal abilities, effective against both the fungus that causes the common yeast infection, (candida albicans,) and the bacteria thought to be the cause of most stomach ulcers. (Helicobacter pylori.) However, the stomach is prepared to deal with the rather strong properties of cinnamon. Your skin, and particularly those tender areas that tend to have yeast infections, would be burned by cinnamon. Do not attempt to apply cinnamon to skin or tender areas!

How much cinnamon do you need?

As little as 1/2 to 1 teaspoon per day of cinnamon has been shown to be effective. There are no greater benefits to be had in eating larger amounts.

Try adding 1/4 teaspoon to

Your morning coffee or tea

A bowl of unsweetened applesauce

A bowl of oatmeal, perhaps with walnuts or flaxseed on top

A chicken breast before cooking, with a few Italian herbs and garlic. How wonderful is that? An inexpensive spice that you already have in your cabinet that can help manage your blood sugar, knock out candida, and lower your bad cholesterol all in one knockout punch? Pour me a cup of add a shake of cinnamon for weight loss!…

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Affordable Hair And Skin Care Product For Beautiful You

They say that beauty is skin deep, and so it’s true, and the more you care for your skin the more beautiful you become. However, a good physical appearance does not come by accident. It is attained by nurturing and caring for your self, giving your body all the right materials to help it develop into the best form that it is capable of.
The beauty and health of your hair is a nice thing to have. Using the best hair care products is instrumental in bringing out the healthy glow from your hair. We tend to look at the hair as the first indication of how well a person takes care of her body. A shiny and healthy hair is a good sign of a clean and caring person.
Some people have naturally beautiful hair. Caring for such hair can be as simple as daily shampoo and conditioner. Other people on the other hand are not as lucky. But not having a naturally shiny hair does not mean that you cannot have one. The right care and lifestyle along with the best hair care products can give you hair that even shampoo models can be proud of.
Your hair care needs not be the most expensive kinds. In fact, there are a lot of affordable hair care materials that can give you beautiful hair. The trick is finding the most natural product for you, one that will enhance your natural hair without inducing any long term damage. Only select products with proven ingredients in them. It is also important to get them only from the trusted brands to make sure that they are fully tested to be safe for daily use.
Aside from the hair, your skin is what most people will first notice. A healthy, smooth, and glowing skin is a sign of good health. Using the right Skin Care Products can significantly improve the smoothness and tone of your skin.
For most people, caring for the skin is just the occasional lotion rub to the arm and legs. But for those who are more concerned with the overall health of their skin, a wide range of skin care goodies can be had.
There are specially formulated lotions, facial creams for clearer and more beautiful face, tanning lotion, and sun blocks. These things serve different purposes, with each one having its own way of improving or protecting the skin.
For example, to many people who love the beach, sun block is an indispensable skin care product. Its ability to protect against the harmful effects of the sun is the reason why it is one of the most popular skin protection products.
Caring for your body is very important for a healthy and beautiful appearance. Your hair and skin reflects the way you treat your self. They are also what people immediately notice in us. There are a lot of products that can help you improve your hair and skin. Most of them are affordable and can be found from your beauty products supplier.…