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5 Easy and Cheap Ways to Maintain Healthy Skin

Maintaining healthy skin can start from getting used to good habits, or living a healthy and clean lifestyle. Because a healthy and clean lifestyle can make the body and mind healthier, which greatly affects the skin.

Healthy Skin

As we know, an unhealthy lifestyle and living in an environment that tends to be less clean can trigger the emergence of germs and bacteria, which can cause allergic reactions and cause various skin problems .

To maintain healthy skin so that it is always healthy, there are several ways that must be done without incurring expensive costs, here are 5 easy and inexpensive ways to maintain healthy skin , quoted from various sources:

Water Consumption

The first way to maintain healthy skin is to consume at least 2 to 3 liters of water a day, or according to your daily fluid needs.

Consuming water can help control oil production in the skin, help keep the skin moist, accelerate the regeneration of skin cells and prevent acne.

In addition, water is very useful for detoxifying toxins in the body. Toxins in the body can be excreted through sweat or when urinating. If the body has a lot of toxins, it can cause various kinds of skin problems.

Exercise diligently

At the time of exercise, we will expel sweat from the skin pores, which helps clean and remove dirt in the pores.

Regular exercise can also help improve blood circulation, which helps supply oxygen and nutrients to the skin, so the skin looks healthier and also looks brighter.

Exercise can also help maintain healthy skin, so that the skin avoids signs of premature aging. Because exercise helps increase the production of collagen in the skin.

Eating Healthy Food

Food consumed every day is very influential on skin health. So that the next cheap and easy way to maintain healthy skin is by eating healthy and nutritious foods.

Eating foods that are not nutritious, can cause oxidative stress that can damage skin health, damage collagen and DNA tissue, which triggers the appearance of signs of premature skin aging and acne.

Foods that are allowed to be consumed are foods that are rich in vitamins, protein, minerals, complex carbohydrates and the like. Avoid eating foods that are too sweet and fatty, because they can trigger insulin levels to rise and cause the skin to become oily and breakouts.

Diligently Clean Your Healthy Skin

The next way to maintain healthy skin is to regularly clean your face, after a day of activities and after using makeup.

The technique for cleaning the face is the double cleansing technique, namely by using micellar water, cleansing oil or cleansing balm first, to remove dust, dirt and makeup on the face.

After that, clean the face using a facial wash or facial foam, to clean the remaining dirt on the face, moisturize the skin and help control oil. Use a product with a soft texture, so that the skin layer of the face is not damaged.

Using Natural Masks for Healthy Skin

The last cheap and easy way to maintain skin health is to diligently use a face mask. Facial masks work to remove dead skin cells, nourish the skin and smooth the skin texture.

You can use natural face masks, which are made from lemon, coffee, chocolate, honey, aloe vera and other kitchen ingredients, which are rich in vitamins and minerals.

Use a face mask regularly, once a week so that the skin is not irritated, and don’t forget to scrub your face gently.…

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7 Simple Steps to Start a Healthy Lifestyle for Longevity

Many people do not really understand how to keep themselves healthy, both physically and mentally. Yet a healthy and happy life is the key to a long life. That is, the happier a person is, the more likely that person will live longer. Well, one simple way that you can do to live a happier and longer life is to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Come on, see tips for starting a healthy lifestyle here.

Simple steps to start a healthy lifestyle
Here are some simple tips that you can do to start a healthy lifestyle:

1. Avoid stress

Traffic jams on the road, stifling task or work deadlines , tight finances, strained love relationships, and various other life support will certainly make you stressed. When you feel stressed, all the systems in your body will respond in different ways. Chronic stress can have an impact on your overall health. So, therefore, try as much as possible to reduce or even avoid everything that can make you stressed.

It is normal to take a break from the activity you are currently working on. When you’re feeling stressed, try to pull over for a while in a quiet place. Calm yourself by taking a deep breath and exhaling slowly.

Do this repeatedly until you feel more relaxed. Taking deep breaths on your own has been shown to lower cortisol levels, which can help reduce stress and anxiety.

You can also do various other activities that you enjoy. For example, reading, journaling, or playing with pets . The point is, make yourself comfortable in a way that you like.

2. Choose food wisely

What you eat will certainly affect how your body works. Therefore, it is important for you to pay attention to every food you consume every day in order to realize a healthy lifestyle.

Make sure that the food on your plate meets the principles of balanced nutrition, which includes carbohydrates, fiber, protein, and good fats. Don’t just rely on one type of staple food . You can replace staple foods with corn, noodles, sweet potatoes, or potatoes. So, it doesn’t have to be rice all the time.

Also pay attention to the portion of your meal . Paying attention to the portion you eat is very important to prevent you from becoming overweight and developing various chronic diseases. Remember, anything in excess is certainly not good for the body.

In addition to sorting the food to be consumed, you also have to be wise in processing it. Avoid processing food by frying. You can process food in a healthier way, such as boiled, steamed, or stir-fried.

3. Make time to exercise every day

Exercise doesn’t just have to be jogging or going to the gym. You are free to do various types of sports that you really like in order to get used to a healthy lifestyle. If you like cycling or swimming, then feel free to do so. Likewise, if you just like a leisurely stroll. The key is one, make your body active every day.

By actively moving, your body will try to burn calories that are deposited in the body. More than that, it can also help circulate more oxygen into the body’s cells and keep them healthy. No wonder if after exercise or physical activity you feel more fit.

Well, for those of you office workers who may not have much time to exercise, you can do various simple physical activities to make sure your body keeps moving.

When going to the office, try to choose to take the stairs instead of taking the elevator or escalator. You can also take the time to go for a walk or just go up and down the stairs before and after lunch.

Sometimes small changes in your daily routine can help you become more active.

4. Reduce sugar starting today

Do you like dessert or sweet food? Cupcakes, ice cream, sweets, brownies, it’s very tempting tongue. However, starting today, intend to reduce or even avoid these various foods in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

This is not without reason. Because the intake of too much sugar can trigger diabetes . Well, if you have diabetes, you will be more susceptible to various chronic diseases later in life. Some of them such as heart disease and stroke.

Start slowly. If you usually drink coffee with two spoons of sugar, now try only one spoon. Once you get used to it, you can eliminate sugar intake altogether in the cup of coffee you drink.

Instead of drinking packaged drinks, you better eat fresh pieces of fruit. In addition to being healthier, the sugar contained in fresh fruit will certainly not be as much as in packaged drinks.

Not only sugar, you also have to slowly reduce smoking and drinking …

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Feeling Blue? Use These Tips To Help

One common ailment that many people suffer from is depression. Depression comes over people unexpectedly for many different reasons, ranging from the death of a family member to the loss of a significant other. No matter what the reason for the depression, it can have a detrimental effect on people. For tips on dealing with depression, read this article.

If you suffer from depression you may want to consider getting a pet. The main part of depression is the feeling of loneliness and caring for a pet can help eliminate those feelings or isolation. Also, studies have shown that pet owners are less likely to feel depressed than people who do not have pets.

If you have a good relationships with your family members then you should incorporate their help in overcoming your depression. Many times mothers and fathers are much more understanding than their children give them credit for. If you stop and tell them what is going on they will probably be happy to help.

Play dress up. Take the time in the morning to get yourself ready, even if you are not going anywhere. Putting on your good clothes, including shoes, can increase your confidence and your mood. Feeling sloppy and frumpy in old, stained clothes may be comfortable, but it does nothing for your mood.

Laughter really is the best medicine. Research shows that even a smile can raise serotonin levels, the same effect that many antidepressants give. Instead of wallowing in your sadness with depressing music and tear-jerking tragedies, break out the stand-up albums or put on a silly comedy. Even if you don’t feel like it when it starts, you will find yourself smiling and laughing despite yourself by the end!

Talk to someone about how you’re feeling. You may feel that no one understands what you’re going through, but the truth is that many people suffer from depression at least once in their lives. Join a support group or talk to a loved one and you won’t feel so alone.


Get enough sleep, typically 8 hours per night, with a 6 hour minimum. There are many studies that have concluded that sleep patterns have a lot to do with mood and behavior, and those that aren’t getting enough sleep have a higher chance of becoming depressed. Rest is essential for the brain to function healthier, and you want to be sure that you aren’t clouded by fatigue throughout the day.

Develop and practice effective relaxation exercises or practices. Whether lying in a tub that is filled with aromatic beads or using Yoga to relax your mind, you want to keep a clear head and refrain from discomfort in order to avoid a depressed mood. With relaxation comes enlightenment and a much healthier mood.

Furthermore, depression is a common ailment that many people all over the world suffer from. It comes over individuals unexpectedly for different reasons, such as death or loss. It can have a detrimental effect on people regardless of the reason. If you remember the tips in this article, you can deal with depression.…

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Fathers – Things To Do With Your Grandfather

Fathers – Things To Do With Your Grandfather If you are a father, granddads are in a perfect position to help you along this journey. Indeed, they would have taken care of your parents and they would have witness their children taking care of you. Now, they would be witnessing you taking care of yours. Indeed, there are a lot of experiences here. Therefore, as you would spend time learning from him, you can do so while doing the following. Barbecue If you cannot do this every week, perhaps once a month, you can have a barbecue with him and it can be done at your homes or in a park. That is, depending on if you are allowed to do so, in the parks in your location. Sure, family and friends may want to be a part of this, but make sure that you and your grandpa are spending a lot if time together and that the two of you are in charge of the barbecue. Cycling Some grandparents enjoy cycling. In the afternoon, they just jump onto their bicycle and off they go. They may end up at a park, at the seaside, or even at a friend’s house. Therefore, you can see about joining him on some of his outings. Granted, he may not ride fast and perhaps he may stop to observe things along the way, but it will be great to do this with him. On the other hand it may be that cycling is not what he does and if this is the case, you can simple see what he enjoys and ask him if you can join in on it. Repairs You can also ask him if he needs any help with repairs around his home. Granted, he may want to do all of the repairs himself because he may want to keep active, therefore, it is best to offer to assist him, instead of taking it over. Nevertheless, as he grows older, his needs may change and therefore, he may need to make some changes in his home. For example, he may be using a wheelchair to help him to get around a bit easier. However, his home may not have a ramp. Therefore, if you cannot do it, you can offer to look around for a qualified person. Also, you can ask him to help you out with any repairs that you may have at your own home. Additionally, do not forget that although you would be doing things with him that are productive, the main aim is to spend as much time as you can with him and to learn as much as you can from him. You may be aware of the fact that some grandchildren take advantage of them and many times, in the area of finances, but, there is more to them than just being a bank. Yes, there is a lot that they can teach you, as you spend time with them, in your role of fatherhood.…

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Fasting to Lose Weight Fast – Is it Really As Effective As it Seems?

Fasting to Lose Weight Fast – Is it Really As Effective As it Seems? Are you trying fasting to lose weight fast? Maybe you have tried all sorts of method? From drinking fruit juices to lose weight to cabbage soup diet. Maybe you have even tried to detoxify your body in order to get rid of extra pounds. For almost everyone, getting rid of the excess pound in the body is always a big challenge. First, it requires commitment. Second, it requires effort. Third, it requires sacrifice. To achieve the perfect body that you want, there are many obstacles in front of you. In fact, losing weight can be so challenging for a lot of people that they choose to take a shortcut, which unfortunately doesn’t work most of the time. In fact, the body can even be hurt. A really good weight loss program will usually consist of a few component, like an exercise routine, a healthy diet and at times, replacement meals. Sadly, some people want fast result without putting in any effort. They may resort to fasting to lose weight fast or even consuming supplements that may be useless or even harmful to the body. But with so many programs to choose from, how do you know which one works and which one is suitable for you? Which program is safe and effective? Is fasting to lose weight fast a good choice? Can fasting really help you to lose weight fast? Is it even safe in the first place? Unfortunately, the answer is no. The best diet program will almost always involve some exercise routines as well as a good and healthy diet. Fasting seldom works because you may be able to lose weight in the first few days. However, sooner of later, you hunger is going to cause you to gobble up everything, resulting in you gaining back all the weight and even an extra 1 to 2 pounds, making you fatter than before. In case you are wondering, diet and fasting are entirely different. Dieting is more about picking the right type of food for your body and consuming them in the right amount. On the other hand, fasting is more about not eating anything even when you body really require the nutrients for proper functioning. If you are considering fasting to lose weight fast, I hope you can see how harmful fasting is to the body. In fact, fasting may even cause you to gain weight. Do you know why? Well, when you fast, your body’s metabolism rate decreases. In other words, now, your body is burning fat slower than before. This is certainly not the result you are looking for. If you are considering fasting, think twice. Don’t allow fasting to hurt you body. Fasting to lose weight fast doesn’t work.…

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Indoor Cycling Accessories – 3 You Should Own and Use

Indoor Cycling Accessories – 3 You Should Own and Use Are you an indoor cycling enthusiast? Indoor cycling classes, also known as spin classes, are a popular staple on health club aerobic class schedules. They are a great fat burning workout and are rapidly gaining in popularity, primarily because they are very low impact. Experienced cyclists, either indoor or outdoor, know that certain cycling accessories can help reduce injury, add comfort, and maximize the value of cycling. Outdoor cyclists in particular have numerous accessories, like helmets, specialty clothing, and bike enhancements to name a few. Due to the nature of indoor cycling, there are less accessories, but there are three that every participant should own and use. Let’s examine the benefits of each… Indoor Cycling Shoes Like most specialty footwear, these shoes are designed specifically for one activity. They are a unique type of fitness shoe since they have special nodules or cleats designed to clip atop the bike pedals. This allows your feet to be free from pedal stirrups, which lessen the likelihood of ankle damage, tendon strains, and jammed toes. Just as important, these shoes have added padding for the balls of your feet. Cycling in general places great emphasis on this part of your foot, so the extra padding is quite useful. Further, they are very lightweight and breathable, designed specifically for the hot, humid conditions of cycling rooms. Gel Bicycle Seat Covers Do you remember the first time you took an indoor cycling class? Afterwards, for a few days actually, it’s likely your backside hurt. Gel bicycle seat covers help minimize the discomfort and are commonly used in these classes. They really make a difference! Just slip the seat cover over the bike seat, and you’re guaranteed a more comfortable ride. They’re not expensive at all, and are available from most online specialty cycling stores. Heart Rate Monitors The language of indoor cycling classes is based on rate of perceived exertion or heart rate levels. Your ideal fat burning heart rate is dependent on your age, and instructors normally direct participants to check heart rate at least once or twice during class. Heart rate monitors are designed to make this an easy task. Most are fastened around your wrist, like a wrist watch. Since one of your pulse points is just above the wrist, a heart rate monitor gives you a continual display, letting you know if you’re in the target zone or need to adjust effort level. An added benefit is their adaptability to other fitness activities. You won’t need to physically stop to monitor your target heart rate, since you can simply check it at a glance. Summary If you’re planning to use indoor cycling classes as part of your overall fitness plan, consider buying and using recommended cycling shoes, a gel bike seat cover, and a heart rate monitor. You’ll find that each of these indoor cycling accessories will help you get the most benefit from your class.…

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Eat a Rainbow of Foods

Eat a Rainbow of Foods If the old axiom “you are what you eat” is right, then why not eat a vibrant assortment of foods? Our eye is naturally attracted to deep green of landscapes and the rich red of roses, then why do we eat a mottled gray colored diet? French fries, hamburger, and an artificially flavored drink. Oh they try to spice it up a little bit, throwing in a flimsy slice of tomato or a sorry excuse for lettuce, but overall a gray and brown meal-how exciting. We eat this stuff because it tastes good. However, its taste is artificially altered because chemicals are added which can cause addiction and cravings, also it tastes good because it is loaded with as much fat, salt, and sugar as they can manage. A test to discover if what you are eating is truly good can often be based on color. Vivacious and natural reds, blues, greens, and yellows can indicate an abundance of nutrients within. Perhaps it comes from evolution. Maybe the ancients ate the foods that attracted their eye and in time human bodies developed a need for their nutrients. Maybe in 4,000 years our bodies will be able to survive off fat and sugar and artificial chemicals alone. But don’t hold your breath. For whatever reason, our bodies need an assortment of vitamins and minerals to perform all functions. Each nutrient has specific tasks within the body, and without them problems arise. Colorful fruit and vegetables are known for their density of nutrients. Dark green vegetables are infused with antioxidants which destroy dangerous free radicals that enter our body through the air and environmental agents. They are also brimming with vitamins A, C, and K, folate, iron, calcium, and fiber. Some of the best dark green foods include spinach, broccoli, and romaine lettuce. Red colored plants have an important nutrient named lycopene. Lycopene is one of the top ten anticancer carotenoids (or the pigments that create color in plants). Good red foods are things like raspberries, cherries, beets, strawberries, and tomatoes. Blue or dark purple plant foods such as blueberries, blackberries, grapes, or plums also have anticancer qualities. They contain a pigment called anthocyanin as well as vitamin C, fiber, flavonoids, and antioxidants. Orange and yellow foods are very unique in their properties. These types of foods actually reduce the effects of aging. They promote healthy eyes, joints, and work with calcium to create strong bones. So make sure to have a variety of apricots, carrots, peaches, pumpkin, and sweet potatoes to your diet. Also look for white (mushrooms, onions), pink (grapefruit), black (black beans), and dark red (kidney beans) colors. Filling your life with all these colorful, tasty fruits and vegetables will spice up your life in a healthy way. Even with all this smart eating, we sometimes miss out on needed nutrients, because let’s face it, it’s hard to fit in all these colors and the other food groups (also important, don’t forget about them!) on a daily basis. So add a daily multivitamin to your day to make sure all your bases are covered. Eating healthy is the best way to get vitamins and minerals, but supplementing good eating with a multivitamin is the best way to go. Spice up your life and make your body happy by making smart, exciting choices about what you eat.…

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Get The Most Out Of Your Workouts With These Amazing Fitness Tips!

Trying to get fit is a major task. There are many different things you must consider. Not only does it involve getting more exercise and working out, you must change your entire way of thinking about nutrition, health and how you treat your body from head to toe in general. The following tips will show you how to treat your body better.

Finding a fitness buddy can motivate you to keep working out. By finding someone to work out with, you can have someone to talk to, hang out with, and hold yourself accountable to. You are less likely to skip out on a workout if you are supposed to meet someone there.

Stretch those muscles. Your muscles have to get stretched for longer periods of time as you get older. Aging causes muscle density to decrease, as well as a decrease in pliability. Under 40 years old? Hold stretches for about 30 seconds. Over 40? Stretch for about a minute. You’ll feel more flexible and limber this way.

Keep track of your workouts. Keeping a daily or weekly log, tracking all of your workouts, ensures that you are making progress in your exercises and it will help hold you accountable. Write down things, such as duration, frequency, weight sizes and sets, reps and how your workout made you feel.

A great way to get fit is to pick up a few workout DVDs and pop them into your DVD player. The great thing about these is that you can go at your own pace. You can pause the DVD if you’re feeling tired, unlike in a class setting.


Have no fear. Also try biking for a fitness alternative. Biking is a great way to get some exercise in and save some money on gas. Riding five miles to work should take you about a half hour and you will get double the fitness since you have to ride home.

When you decide to get fit, take up running. Running is possibly the cheapest, most simple, most available fitness exercise in the world. Anyone can do it. While you can buy plenty of specialized gear for intense running programs, all you need to start with is a little research. Determine what sort of running is safe and effective for your current fitness level, and then hit the road!

Good Health

Relaxation is key to keeping good health and fitness. Sure you might exercise and eat healthy and maintain all of those things to keep your nice figure, but if you don’t give your mind and body a rest, it will become unhealthy and other things will begin to fail as well. A massage is a great way to relax and also give your body and muscles the reward they deserve for following such a strict regimen.

As this article mentioned, fitness is a very involved subject. However, if you do not mind hard work, you can easily achieve your goals. Do not become too focused on any one aspect of getting fit; keep your eyes on the big picture and learn to love your body and treat it with respect by applying the tips you have read!…

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A Gastric Band – The Solution To Weight Loss?

A Gastric Band – The Solution To Weight Loss? A gastric band operation is just one type of weight loss surgery that more and more people are turning to in order to solve their weight loss problems. Weight loss surgery is a huge step that should not be taken lightly and should only be used as a last resort, not an easy fix. If all other avenues have been exhausted and a person is morbidly obese (putting their health in severe danger), then weight loss surgery may be an option. Lets look at exactly what a gastric band operation is, and what it involves. A gastric band is a circular balloon (similar to an inner tube) that is surgically attached to the top part of the stomach and inflated. The band’s job is to form a small pouch in top area of the stomach which will now receive food. Any food eaten then bypasses the large part of the stomach which is below the band (this is known as a gastric bypass). There is also a procedure where the band is fitted but food still passes through a narrow opening to the larger stomach area. The area which digests food is now smaller, resulting in you getting full quickly and stopping you consuming large quantities of food. A gastric band will also help to decrease appetite and aid metabolism (due to the hormones released). The operation is done using keyhole surgery and takes around an hour. In the UK, the operation is available on the National Health Service if strict criteria is met. A gastric band operation carries a relatively low risk compared to other weight loss procedures, but there can be side effects. You will have swelling and bruising around the wound and you may feel sick after eating. You will have to start with liquids at first before moving on to food, you will then have to chew your food well and eat smaller amounts. A gastric band operation or bypass will only work in the long term if you are totally committed and willing to make permanent changes to your diet and lifestyle. Your stomach will eventually start to stretch, allowing you to consume more food, so you must keep your discipline. Just because you stomach had been shrunk, it doesn’t mean you can eat whatever you want. You need to adopt a healthy well balanced diet which is low in saturated fat and high in nutrition and fibre. as soon as you feel well enough following surgery, you should also start a regular exercise program that gives you a cardiovascular workout. Before considering surgery, give it your best shot to lose weight naturally. Make small permanent changes to your eating habits and cut your portions down. Take regular exercise and aim for between 1 and 2 pounds of weight loss a week. It will take real determination and a strong desire to change, but it can be a beautiful journey.…