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Your Top 5 Benefits of Biotin

Biotin Advantages You Need to Know
Your body must have biotin! It is very simple. The funny piece is that your body only requires about 30mcg of biotin per day. Most of us get plenty of biotin without even being aware of it.
That doesn’t mean that your body could not do with more. We’ve reviewed heaps of biotin supplements and vitamin B7 items that we’re going a bit crazy over it. Here’s the truth: You are able to eat healthier in order to get all of the vitamin B7 you’ll ever need. If you do this, your hair will start to grow like you’d like it to and your fingernails will be really strong and should stop looking as if you dig around in the dirt like you used to as a kid (I’m sure they’re not that bad, however I’m sure you see my aim here).
There are the most important Five things you should know about biotin benefits in your own body:
1. Biotin is Good For Hair Growth
Should you suffer from a biotin shortage, you might deal with loss of hair or dry and damaged hair. Despite the fact that you only need a small amount of vitamin B7, you still need this vitamin!
2. Vitamin B7 Helps Your Nails Grow
Biotin can turn brittle, flaky and gross looking nails into healthy, beautiful nails. There are certainly a bounty of supplements out there for your fingernails and we’d be willing to bet that each one contains vitamin B7.
The trouble is, vitamin B7 can not be absorbed through your fingernails (or your skin as we’ll touch on later in the article). Vitamin B7 comes from within your body, which the body receives from the food you consume.
3. Biotin Has to Come From the Inside
Many products out there claim to be able to increase your vitamin B7 volumes through absorption. That is total rubbish! Scienctists have demonstrated that biotin molecules are way too big to be absorbed via your skin, your hair or nails. Biotin shampoos are rubbish. Biotin nail polishes are garbage. Biotin lotions are garbage.
You must get biotin through good eating. Unfortunately, you can’t just rub some cream on your scalp and get beautiful locks that even movie stars would dream of.
4. Vitamin B7 Can Boost Metabolism
Biotin helps in keeping your metabolism levels where they should be. It helps a small amount, but every little piece helps. Maintaining vitamin B7 levels right where they need to be is critical for your hair and nails, but also helps promote a healthier metabolism. Greater metabolism means that you burn through your eats more quickly, leaving you with more energy.
5. Vitamin B7 is Not Pricey!
That’s right. Vitamin B7 does not have to come in costly little bottles. Because you can get biotin from some common foods you shouldn’t need to spend heaps of cash stocking up on thousands of pills. Save your money
What kind of foods are we talking?
Leafy greens, dairy products like milk and cheese, steaks (woohoo!), eggs and vegetables – it’s that easy.

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