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What Good Does Tea Do to Us?

By Suzana Mikolova Oct15,2022

What Good Does Tea Do to Us? Can you think of mornings without a cup of tea? Our body refuses to gain motion and eyes struggle hard to open up to the new day. That is when situation demands tea. A sip of tea sends a signal to the brain and you can feel a trail of energy gushing through your body. Eyes open to see the beauty of a new day and face shows an expression of relaxation and satisfaction. Breath is filled up with the aroma of the tea leaves. In addition to good taste and flavor tea has a lot of health benefits. Tea is thought to improve vitality and longevity. – Tea is an anti-oxidant- Tea leaves are anti oxidants, which reduce the risk of cancer. Especially green tea and white tea are said to beneficial in reducing cancer risk by 60%. – Keeps your brain alert- Tea has a remarkable quality of keeping one awake and alert. This is the reason why students drink tea while studying for exams. People who have a sitting job or people who have to gaze on computer screen for long hours depend on tea to stay alert. It acts as a brain booster. – Fight cold and flu- Tea is supposed to be a very effective remedy to fight flu and cold. It fights the flu virus and also helps the patient to recover faster. Tea can give a very soothing effect to sore throat and headaches due to bad cold. It inhibits the formation of flam thus clearing out chest and lung infections and also nasal congestion. It is also useful for allergies and asthma. – Fights scurvy- Tea is beneficial against vitamin B and vitamin C deficiency diseases like scurvy. – Stress buster – Tea is an effective stress buster. A cup of tea can fight the stress and regain energy in a stressed out body as it reduces the formation of stress hormone. Thus it also helps in changing the mood of a person for good. – Increases Metabolism- Tea increases your metabolism thus helping you get rid of problems related to digestion, especially constipation. A cup of tea after meals is good for digestion. – Weight loss- Tea helps you loose weight by increasing your BMR (basic metabolism rate). This eliminates excess of fat from your body and gives you a thinner waistline. Thus tea inhibits obesity and improves appetite. – Tea is beneficial in muscular disorders like arthritis. Which tea is more beneficial and why? We need to put in some general knowledge to get an answer to this question. Tea leaves that grow in polluted places are less effective or you can say more harmful. Whereas teal leaves found in places where pollution is less proves to be more beneficial for health. Hence tea grown at higher altitudes is good for health e.g. Green tea. White tea is even more effective but is stronger than green tea. One should go for herbal tea that is light on system and helpful in many ways. Other teas do have benefits but harmful effects are more than beneficial facts. So opt for herbal tea and live longer!

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