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A Personal Lifestyle Change – Dieting For Health

A Personal Lifestyle Change – Dieting For Health A Personal Lifestyle Change Personal well being should be at the top of everyone’s list. If you have personal well being, you are surely in line to have personal health. There are many health risks that we take if we are overweight. The consequences of being overweight can be life threatening. There are no more excuses that a person can make to not change their lifestyle to become healthy. We all have excuses as to why we find comfort in food or have an addiction to it, but the choice is ours to change! Dieting Like a Yo-Yo Yo-yo dieting is an addiction in itself. We try one diet and then another and then another. The cycle doesn’t change until we find out the truth as to why we keep allowing ourselves to fail at the right diet. Maybe it’s a simple as accepting our failures instead of dwelling on them. Then we can look for the truth to an end and a new beginning. We need to learn to make our diet a daily positive lifestyle change. We can start by learning that exercise doesn’t have to be boring. It can be simple and fun. It can be as simple as taking the stairs or parking farther. It can be fun by dancing in your own living room, signing up for a class, walking around the block with a friend or jump roping in your backyard. Exercise comes in all forms and fashions just like people do. Find something you enjoy and incorporate it in your life everyday! Start to Do Fun Exercises Once you start dancing you will find that you are not thinking about food, you are thinking about not stepping on someone’s toes! Keep your mind and body busy with other activities and you will burning calories in not time. If you don’t like to dance, then walk, jog, hop, skip, list is endless. If you can find a partner to do something with, you can hold each other accountable and you may enjoy your time even more. The point is, find something that you enjoy. Drink plenty of water because it keeps you hydrated and full. Don’t Be a Quitter Don’t give up! That is one of the biggest flaws in dieting. Sometimes your body will lose weight quickly and other times your body is adjusting to your new intake and exercise. Give your healthy new lifestyle a chance for the results that you want to achieve. Muscle Weighs More Than Fat – Remember That Don’t forget that muscle weighs more than fat. So your true results are the inches that you lose and how you fit in those jeans that were tight before. Don’t let the scale scare you away from dieting. It will fluctuate based on your exercise, your food intake and your body metabolism. Stay focused and the results will weigh in!

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