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Gorgeous Views and Challenging Cycling on Snake Pass

By Suzana Mikolova Oct15,2022

Gorgeous Views and Challenging Cycling on Snake Pass If your idea of a fun holiday is travelling on two wheels with as much fresh air as you can breathe in then snake pass is the place for you. The name Snake pass is given to the part of the A57 where it passes through the peak district between Manchester and Sheffield. The road was first built as a toll road back in 1820 as the best direct route between the two large cities. The road is especially enjoyed and frequented by cyclists due to its almost identical conditions to continental cycling routes because of its length and elevation. This in turn has made the road a regular part of the Tour of Britain cycle race. Whilst cycling through the pass the views are breathtaking with many different sights at every twist and turn such as the National Trusts High Peak estate. Cycling really is the ultimate unhurried way to travel and sightsee through this gorgeous part of the country. Thousands of people return year after year to sample the delights of this area during their peak district holiday. One of the few buildings you will cycle past on your journey will be the Snake inn; originally the road took its name from the snake emblem of the Inn. The pub has recently been renamed to the ‘The snake pass Inn’ so the inn is now named after the road and not the other way around like it was originally! Snake pass has been voted the best road in Britain for Bikers for several years in a row by many different cycling related associations. Another site of interest at the summit of Snake pass is one of the most preserved aircraft crash sites in the country. The B-29 superfortress airplane crashed on November 3rd 1948 in bad weather conditions and has been visited over the years by many Military and airplane enthusiasts. The highest part of the area is known as Snake Summit where the Pennine way crosses the road, on a clear day you can experience spectacular views over Manchester and surrounding areas With all of this in mind there is certainly no other way to explore this refreshing and relaxing area of Snake pass than on two wheels.

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