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Try the Korean Diet to Lose Weight – It Works Wonders

Try the Korean Diet to Lose Weight – It Works Wonders South Koreans have one of the lowest obesity rates amongst people in the developed world. Koreans pay a lot of attention to their appearance. This alone is good reason to try and incorporate the Korean diet to lose weight. It is based upon fresh vegetables, a lot of seafood, lean meats and plenty of spices. You first have to see if there is a restaurant in the vicinity of your home that can help you with the Korean food. Once you can set up a running order with them you are good to go. Korean food is packed with colors, textures and flavors. Two of their favorite meals are rice bowl with vegetables and noodle soup with vegetables (onmyeon). They have a very healthy practice of providing lots of vegetables as accompaniments to meat dishes. The diet contains lots of seafood and lean meats. They do not deep fry their food, preferring to stir fry it or have it in soups and broths. The other characteristic of Korean food is its extreme spiciness. This boosts up your metabolism and makes you more active. Kimchi, a Korean staple made of fermented cabbage and sometimes radish, is excellent for digestion. Eat a bit of Kimchi with every meal, just like the Koreans do. The custom in Korea is to eat large helpings of food. Since a large part of it is vegetables, you automatically get a high fiber, high nutrition diet. This works well if you do not want to cut back on your eating. Another thing to emulate from the Koreans is to take the time out to enjoy the meal. Meals are family events and are not rushed affairs. If you slow down to enjoy your food, you will consume less. Try out the Korean diet to lose weight and you will be amazed at the results

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