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Starting the Medifast Weight Loss Diet

Starting the Medifast Weight Loss Diet Looking for a to the point, get results diet plan? The Medifast Weight Loss Diet plan is your choice. Not, only will you have a day to day guide of what to eat, and a health coach to guide you through your journey, you will receive foods that fill you up. Medifast has been around for almost 30 years and prescribed by thousands of doctors. You will receive a nutritionally balanced diet with all the vitamins and nutrients you need with out depleting your body of essential nutrition. Knowing what to eat and sometimes when you should eat tends to bog down the traditional dieter. Medifast offers the 5 + 1 eating program. The basis of this plan is to eat one meal that contains between 5-7 oz of lean healthy protein and 3 servings, around 3 cups of non starch vegetables. Utilizing this low fat and high fiber diet will help you feel fuller longer. The goal to a starting the Medifast weight loss diet is to eat 6 meals each day, making sure to get your lean and green meal in, eat every 2 to 3 hours, and drink lots of fluids. Starting the Medifast Weight Loss Diet doesn’t need to be stressful or challenging. You will be able to talk with a health coach who can guide and support you along the journey. Your health coach will work with you on developing new eating habits, but will also work on habit changing and mind changing techniques. Many people find when they first start the Medifast diet that they may have headaches, and are a bit irritable. Talking with your health coach and keeping a journal is a great way to work through the initial stages and keep you on track with your weight loss goals. From soups to shakes there is something tasty for everyone. For Breakfast choose eggs, oatmeal or a shake. Mid-morning you might choose a shake and for lunch choose soup or your f5 + 1 meal. Finish your afternoon off with another shake and dinner soup. In the evening you may have a snack which does not replace any of your Medifast meals. With so much to choose from, and health coaches to walk with you step-by-step the Medifast Weight Loss Diet is a perfect option for anyone looking steady and safe weight loss.

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