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The Candida Diet – Yeast Free Living Made Easy

The Candida Diet – Yeast Free Living Made Easy Diet yeast free living is instrumental in treating illness caused by the Candida fungus. Most people aren’t aware of yeast free diets and how beneficial they are for your health. Yeast belongs to a rather large group of fungi that also contains mushrooms, baker’s yeast and antibiotics. Figuring out the food that one needs to eliminate from their diet is often difficult. One trick is to look for food that has been aged since yeast requires some time and ideal conditions to grow. A lot of yeasts aren’t even able to be seen by the human eye. Products that have been fermented are processed using yeasts. Some types of food that will have yeast in them are preserved and dried foods, even if they’ve been treated for decay prevention. Another good sign of yeast being present are foods labeled as “pickled”, “melted”, or “cultured.” If you’re currently on a yeast free diet, going out to eat is not hard as long as you understand what foods are allowed and what foods need to be avoided. You should stay away from foods that contain cheese, made with vinegar or alcohol and pickles as the speed of the rate of yeast growth. One should also avoid bready foods in general although having a couple of crisp breads is probably okay to eat. Salads should be eaten without dressing and meats that have stuffing need to be steered clear of. Some safe foods to eat in a no yeast diet include grilled meats, grilled fish, and boiled or steamed veggies. Rye crisp breads act as a nice substitute for bread and whole wheat cereals such as Shredded Wheat and Puffed wheat are allowed. One should up there intake of vegetables on a yeast free diet. Always be careful to wash and dry fruits before eating them. When you peel fruits please be certain the peel doesn’t make contact with the fruit itself in order to prevent contamination. Also you are allowed to use lemon/oil dressings on salads using fresh lemon juice. People on this diet sometimes take in an inadequate amount of cereal fiber so be sure to remedy this by increasing your consumption of whole grains. This is a good idea not only because it reduces hunger pangs but because it maintains blood sugar and helps regulate most bodily functions. Some of foods to include are brown rice, whole meal pasta, oat cereal and rice cereal. In conclusion, living a diet yeast free lifestyle takes a little work and diligence in the beginning but you’ll find it becomes second nature after you get comfortable. Add in all the health benefits associated with this type of diet and the effort is well worth it.

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