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Just Give Me the Skinny on the Top Diets Reviewed

Just Give Me the Skinny on the Top Diets Reviewed Which is the best diet for losing weight? That’s the million dollar question, isn’t it! The correct answer is the one that supports your lifestyle and enables you to reach your goals. Not all diets are created equal. The top diets reviewed can all boast a high percentage of participants who have been able to achieve their weight loss goals without compromising quality of life. Because people are individuals, with different habits, body metabolism, commitment, and preferences, having some diet plan choice is important in achieving a successful, long-term weight loss. The major leaders in the diet industry include Medifast, , Nutrisystem, the Sonoma Diet, Weight Watchers, and the Biggest Loser diet. Medifast The Medifast Diet has been the favored diet among doctors for many years, because it works! Based upon the idea that the body contains it’s own fat-burning power when it enters ketosis, the diet includes meal replacements that are low in fat and carbohydrates, and high in protein. Coupled with a meal of lean protein and green vegetables, this diet enables the body to tap into it’s fat stores quickly, effortlessly and effectively. Ketosis has the added benefit of suppressing hunger while maintaining even blood sugar levels. For the cost-conscious, this diet is ranked high. Benefits include a customized eating plan, unlimited online support, prepared menus and grocery lists, fitness recommendations, and opportunity for consultation with fitness and nutrition experts. With choices available such as the Mediterranean Diet, the Diabetic plan, the Glycemic Index diet, and the Atkins diet, you are much more likely to find the correct fit for your personal needs and preferences. ediets also gives you choice between a meal delivery system or recipes to prepare on your own. Nutrisystem Because it is easy to follow and sustain, the Nutrisystem Diet is one that has gained a solid reputation. Reviewers agree that one of its benefits is that all of the planning and calculating has been done for you. Carbohydrate content of the diet is based upon choosing items that are low to moderate on the Glycemic index, enabling dieters to control their blood sugar levels, which in turn keeps appetite in check. Sonoma Diet This diet is gaining notoriety due to it’s flexibility and the emphasis on permanent weight loss through lifestyle modification. Portion control, positive healthy choices, and developing a healthy relationship with food are some of the diet’s highlights. Weight Watchers A cultural icon, Weight Watchers has enjoyed success through re-invention and name recognition. Based upon the idea that individuals seeking weight loss require support to reach their goals, weekly meetings and online support have been the cornerstone of their plan. The Biggest Loser This diet is growing in popularity as real people share their struggle to reclaim their health on the popular TV show. The diet is based upon real food and real choices. The guesswork is removed by giving the dieters guidelines via a pyramid structure – 4 servings of fruits and vegetables, 3 servings lean protein, 2 servings whole grains, and 1 “extra”. Diet reviews are ultimately written by real people with individual preferences. In the process of choosing a diet, these reviews can be helpful in the information-gathering process. Diet reviews written by registered dieticians, coupled with reviews written by average people who have tried the diet, can enable you to make an informed choice.

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