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Is the Medifast Diet Too Expensive? Here’s My Opinion

Is the Medifast Diet Too Expensive? Here’s My Opinion If I broke down the questions that I’m most often asked about the Medifast diet, there would probably be two concerns that were the most persuasive. I find that people are most concerned about the taste of the Medifast foods and the cost of those same foods. And while ordering one month’s worth of food might be all that some dieters need, many of us realize that we’ll probably be placing more than one order. And we worry that this will become a very expensive habit. To that end, many people want to know just how expensive Medifast really is and whether or not this cost is ultimately worth it. I personally believe that the cost (when broken down) is not that bad and that it’s most definitely worth it. But I’ll discuss this more in the following article and will also crunch some numbers. The Total Cost Breakdown Of Medifast: How Expensive Is It?: Before I crunch the numbers to show you how much you’ll really spend, I have to explain that most people order a package which gives them enough food for a month. Yes, you most certainly can order the foods on an individual basis, but the total cost is going to be a whole lot more overall. If you order package, not only will they give you enough meals (143) to last for a month, but they’ll let you use the best coupons with this to bring the price down. The base price on many of the Medifast packages (the basic women’s 5 plus 1, the diabetic, the gluten free, and the vegetarian) is $299.50 for a month and $154.50 for two weeks. So, if you’re going with the monthly package, you’re potentially looking at around $78 a week or $9.98 per day. If you’re figuring it out on a per meal basis, you’re looking at around $2.00 per meal. This is before you use the considerable coupons that will give you anywhere from $55 and up off your total or up to three weeks worth of free food. Keep in mind that you eat six times per day on this diet. For five of those meals, the company provides you with their prepackaged diet food. I have tried diets where I had to prepare my own specialty foods and I can tell you that it’s virtually impossible to cook foods that have the same low amounts of calories and carbs and the same high amounts of protein and fiber as the Medifast meals. But, if I were trying to prepare five of these per day, I’m relatively certain that I would not be able to do it for under $10 per day, which is what would be required for me to save any money or to come out ahead. And, that’s not even taking into account all of the time, effort, and aggravation that it would take me to travel to buy the food, to store and wash it, and to then prepare it and clean up after myself. To me, that $10 per day looks pretty good (and even better with coupons) when you consider the cost of my time. Now, you do have to prepare one main meal for yourself (called the lean and green meal) and there may be some costs associated with this. But, if you get a hold of some decent recipes, you can usually just fix a lean and green meal for your entire family so that you don’t need to buy any special foods for yourself or spend more than you already are.

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