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Slimming Down

By Suzana Mikolova Mar15,2022

Slimming Down Slimming is not as hard as you think it is. In fact, slimming is not hard at all, even if you are very, very fat. Slimming can be accomplished in just eight easy steps. These steps can be taken by anyone whether the person is a baby or an adult, old or young, female or a male. Slimming, as described in these steps, neither requires you to go to the gym nor exercise vigorously nor spend any money whatsoever. If you follow this simple slimming guide, you will be able to slim down in about two weeks flat. This slimming guide has been prepared with a lot of thought. On reading it, you will understand that it has not been written with any ulterior, commercial motive in mind. It has been written in layman’s language so that you can follow it without any difficulty. It has been crafted to help you and people like you who worry about slimming, who spend their precious money in consulting dietitians and doctors and in visiting gymnasiums, who think slimming can only be achieved through extensive and tiresome workouts, by running twenty miles every day, by cutting out on delicious foods, tasty meals, sweets and chocolates. The purpose of this article is two-fold. The first part of this document informs you about certain myths and falsehoods and scaring facts related to slimming so that you don’t fall prey to any of them and so that you can steer clear from them. It tells you that slimming is actually a cheerful business and something that is easily attainable. It also informs you that slimming does not require you to sacrifice anything. The second part of this document tells you the various steps you have to follow in order to slim down effectively. Part 1: Myths about Slimming Stop Feeling Guilty for Hogging: You Have Not Broken Any Law First and foremost, you must remember that if you are overweight, fat, obese and look ugly, you should never feel guilty. Eating is one of the best hobbies that you can have. Those who laugh at your bloated figure are cruel, mean and foolish. Remember, those who are lean and thin are almost always bad tempered as they are constantly missing out on one of the greatest joys of life. You must never ever feel guilty about being fat, you must never chide yourself for it. You love to eat. That is not a crime. The first criterion of slimming down is that you must be free from guilt and that you must be bold enough to say to yourself that you have not done anything wrong by eating your favorite foodstuff. I do not know how many dietitians you have visited or how many doctors you have seen, but I am sure that none of them have told you that ‘eating is an extremely pleasurable pastime and that you must not feel guilty for being a foodie’. You Want to Slim Down. Surely You Don’t Want to Die? Yes, doctors and dietitians are like that. They tend to scare the hell out of you. Some may have prescribed slimming pills. I hope you have not taken any of them. Never take pills for slimming, no matter who has prescribed them. They cause cancer. Lots of people take them thinking that medicines will help them to slim down easily, without necessitating them to cut down on their diet or their intake of fatty food. They think that slimming tablets will make them thin as rakes while they continue to binge on chocolates, spaghetti, ice cream and other forbidden and junk foods. The slimming pills will make them thin no doubt, but then within a couple of years, they won’t know whether they have become skinny due to the pills or due to the cancer that the pills have caused in their bodies. Over Exercise is Bad Another point that doctors and dietitians keep drumming in is exercise. Now understand this carefully: exercise beyond a certain limit is BAD for the health. If you think that by spending hours and money at the gym, you’ll get the enviable figure that you desire, think again. If you spend that many hours at the gym, whether you’ll slim down or not is a moot point, but you’ll definitely get a heart attack. Over, rigorous and vigorous exercise damages the heart. Some of the best and slimmest actors of the world are heart patients precisely because of over exercise at the gym. Exercise Wisely and Normally There is absolutely no need for you to destroy your beauty sleep to get up in the wee hours of the morning to run around the neighborhood or to go for a jog up to a certain landmark or to do yoga. Sleep is very vital for the body. So please sleep tight. Get up when it is time or else you shall get late for office or college or school. Please try to understand: slimming does not require you to take any steps that are unnatural or that go against your grain or that you don’t enjoy. Slimming should be integrated with your normal body processes and habits. Every morning, you have to wake up and go to your office or university or school or workplace. This requires some exercise. In your workplace or school, you have to walk about as per your needs. This demands some natural exercise on your part. If hours or periods are specially allocated for exercises, when large groups of people routinely exercise together, so much the better. Even if there are no such hours allotted, never mind. Remember that your body performs exercises throughout the day when you go to your workplace from home; when you come home from the workplace; when you shop at the supermarket; when you go to a friend’s; when you go to the library to return a book; when you take a bath; when you mow the lawn; when you use the rake and the shovel in your garden and in your driveway; when you cycle to a nearby spot. This is the beauty of natural exercise. Most of it occurs while you are unconscious, while you are doing the things you normally do. Natural exercise does not require any strict regimen and does not require you to expend money. You do not feel any mental or physical strain when you do it. Natural exercise is hence extremely advantageous and beneficial. Don’t Stop Eating. Just Control It. Moreover, a slim figure cannot be achieved through exercise alone. The main ingredient to procuring a slim figure is diet control. If you only exercise and do not regulate your diet, you shall remain as plump as ever. Diet control, of course, does not mean starvation. Don’t Cut Flesh to Cut Flab Surgery for slimming is not recommended at all. If you are horribly obese, that might be the only way out, though. All the same, surgery to remove adipose layers is not at all desirable. People who try and try and cannot slim down go for surgery. But the main thing is that they can avoid surgery if they try to slim down in the right way, if they read this article in order to slim down. Surgery is an invasion on the body and can cause a number of complications. Doctors and surgeons always say that surgery is the best way out for corpulent people. That is not true. Doctors and surgeons have a lot to gain from operating on you in the form of doctor’s fees, surgeon’s fees, etc. That is probably why they will talk of surgery straightaway. They will describe the surgical process as simple, as not taking more than 45 minutes. In reality, surgeries performed on fat people or on anyone, for that matter, can get pretty scaring. If anything goes wrong, the patient might die, it can get that dangerous. And if all goes well, you will still have to go through the routine post-operative pain, trauma and difficulties. So, before you sign on the document handed over to you by the hospital and agree to slimming down through surgery, please think a while. If you know the ropes of slimming down, you will not have to get into the Operation Theater. If you read this article, you will not have to have a surgeon run a scalpel through your flesh. Spice Up Slimming by Eating Your Favorite Foods Now, let us discuss food. Yes, you can have your favorite dishes while slimming. Never ever think of giving up on pasta, chocolates, creamy soups, ice creams, steaks, bacon, salami, sausages, butter, jam, cheese, mutton, biryani, or whatever your favorite dish is. If you deny yourself the stuff that you find most mouthwatering, you will feel deprived and sick in the mind. Not eating your favorite dishes for days will make you feel depressed and then you shall have to consult other doctors to ward off your depression. No, that is not the way. Depriving and denying is not the way. It will not get you anywhere. If you deprive yourself for two weeks, you will feel like gorging on those very foodstuffs that you have denied yourself in the next two weeks. The net result: you will soon put on the two kilos or pounds that you had managed to shed. So, what do you do? Please eat your fill every single day but your favorite dishes only during the weekends. Eat cereals, lentils, lean meat and fruits during the weekdays and the fatty food only during the weekends. Observe this discipline while eating and you shall see that it will work miracles for you! For more details on food and diet, look up Part 2. Don’t Let Your Mind Get Depressed If You Want Your Body to Get Depressed Finally, do not feel depressed. Slimming is a cinch. Those who say that it is difficult no nothing of slimming. Or they have gone about it in the wrong way. There are two primary reasons why most people slim down. One is to look good. The second is to remain healthy. Because most of the organs including the heart and the kidneys go bust if you are too fat. Also, obesity causes diabetes, hypertension and other health problems. Those who feel depressed because they are fat fall into the category of people who are obsessed with their looks. Looks are something external. I mean if your health is at imminent danger due to obesity, if being beefy poses a serious health hazard, it is understandable. But to be upset because you don’t look slim and hip! That is ridiculous. Looks aren’t everything! Don’t misunderstand me. I am not trying to tell you that you must look ugly. What I am endeavoring to say is that: never feel bad because you are fat. Never let jeers and jokes directed at your pot belly get the better of you. You love to eat. That’s great. It shows that you have a healthy appetite and hence a healthy mind. YOU WILL NOT FEEL GUILTY BECAUSE YOU LOVE TO EAT. YOU WILL BE BOLD AND TELL EVERYONE WHO LAUGHS AT YOU: YES, I AM FAT BECAUSE I LOVE TO EAT. I CAN SLIM DOWN TOO AND LOOK LIKE A KNOCKOUT. And that’s completely true. You can continue eating what you adore and yet look slim, only if you read and follow this slimming guide. Part 2: Slimming Down: 8 Easy Steps Before you embark on a ‘slimming’ journey, consider if your thyroid is normal. You could be suffering from hypothyroidism, a disease, which makes a person put on weight abnormally. If you are diagnosed with hypothyroidism, you need not read this article. It will not be relevant for you. The medicines for controlling thyroid that you will be prescribed by your doctor will help you to reduce weight automatically. If you do not suffer from hypothyroidism, then you need to read this article and follow the steps mentioned therein for controlling your weight. Step 1: Diet Never eat less. Always eat your fill. Only don’t eat too much of fatty food or food that contains trans fatty acids. • Breakfast: Eat the croissants and the toasts but not the butter. Eat fruits and drink fruit juice with or without sugar. That amount of sugar will do you no harm unless you are a diabetic. Eat one boiled egg. Try not to have an omelet or fried eggs. You may eat two rashers of bacon. You can have six pieces of sausages, if they are chicken sausages and two, if they are pork. Try to skip out on jam, marmalade and cheese. If the bread tastes too dull sans butter and jam, dip it into sweetened tea or coffee or milk in order to have it. Do not have cornflakes. It is useless as it does not fill up the stomach. You may have porridge if you wish. If you prefer an Asian breakfast, you can gorge on idlis and dal. Idlis and dal are always welcome as they are practically fatless. But if you have an Asian breakfast, stick to an Asian breakfast. Don’t try mixing Asian and European breakfasts. You shall end up overeating and getting chubby. • Breakfast Preferable: Must have lots of bread with tea or coffee to fill up your stomach or else you shall start feeling hungry immediately after breakfast. One boiled egg is a must. Fruits and fruit juice are essential. OR • Breakfast Preferable: Must have lots of bread with tea or coffee to fill up your stomach or else you shall start feeling hungry immediately after breakfast. One boiled egg is a must. A few idlis and some dal would be good. Fruits and fruit juice are essential. • Lunch: Stick to one main dish. Whether it is steak and vegetables or fish fries and vegetables or some chicken preparation and vegetables. Do NOT have thick, creamy soup. Always have consomm?�s and light soups with bread or breadsticks. Do NOT have dessert. For lunch and dinner, it is always preferable to have Asian meals. European meals are too full of fat. An Asian lunch would typically consist of rice, lentil soup, a vegetable preparation, some chicken curry and some sour curd. Do NOT eat sweetmeats or sweet yogurt at the end of the meal. • Lunch Preferable: Rice, lentil soup, a vegetable preparation, some chicken curry and some sour curd. Please eat as much of this lunch as you want so that you are not hungry after lunch. This lunch is almost fatless while being extremely nutritious and will really help you to slim down. • Tea: Some tea or coffee and some soft white bread. No tea cakes please. • Tea Preferable: It is better to skip tea completely. If you have a hearty lunch like the lunch described under ‘Lunch Preferable’, you will not need to have anything for tea. • Dinner: Stick to one main dish. You may have sizzlers, steaks, cutlets, or fries, but none of them are desirable. There is no need to have soup more than once a day. An Asian dinner would be the best for slimming down. So, let us go to ‘Dinner Preferable’ right away. If you’ve had rice for lunch, try not to have it for dinner and vice versa. • Dinner Preferable: Roti (unleavened bread). 4-5 pieces if you are big built. 2-3 pieces if you are short. Dal or lentil soup is a must. A vegetable preparation and some chicken stew with 2 whole potatoes. Some cucumbers, tomatoes, broccoli, lettuce, and onions as salad. NO CREAM OR HAM IN SALAD. If you still feel hungry, have more dal and salad. But do not have more than your fixed quota of roti or vegetable or chicken preparation. NO DESSERTS. NO CURD. Important: You must not touch alcohol as alcohol is very fattening. If you crave for hard drinks, drink some orange juice or lemonade or some other fruit juice instead. You can have cold drinks in order to stem your urge for hard drinks but cold drinks are fattening too though not as much as alcohol (hard drinks). And never have the ‘Diet’ brands or versions of cold drinks. They cause cancer and other diseases. The above diet has been set down after much deliberation and from actual experience. It is very good for the health as it is substantial as well as nutritious. It is a perfectly balanced diet and provides the human body with all necessary nutrients such as proteins, vitamins, minerals, iron, calcium, phosphorous, carbohydrates, energy and fat. The human body requires a small amount of fat to survive and to be resistant to infectious diseases. A diet that is totally devoid of fat is perilous for the body. The diet prescribed above takes into account this fact. It has been delineated in a way so that you are able to take that minimum quantity of fat that is essential for you. It has also been approved by doctors, experts and dietitians. It will help you to remain slim as well as extremely fit. Dieting with the prescribed diet can be carried on for long periods of time as the prescribed diet i.e. the items mentioned under the ‘Preferable section’, will do no damage to the heart, will help you to remain slim and healthy. The prescribed diet will also help to keep triglycerides, cholesterols and sugar, low, and the good cholesterol, high, to a certain extent. However, this prescribed diet is not specifically for people who suffer from cardiac problems, hypertension and diabetes. Step 2: Indulgence Eat the diet as prescribed above through all the weekdays. When Saturday and Sunday arrive, you can have ONE of your favorite dishes each day. If your favorite dishes comprise chocolate and steak, you can have a bar of chocolate on Saturday and a steak on Sunday. If your favorite dishes constitute ice cream and biryani, you can have ice cream on Saturday and a plate of biryani on Sunday. Step 3: No Crash Dieting NEVER GO FOR CRASH DIETING. Crash dieting is very harmful for the body. If you suddenly stop eating over a few days or just eat your breakfast and skip lunch and dinner for some consecutive days, you shall be in for a whole lot of trouble. Crash dieting lowers the strength of the immune system of the body and makes you prone to viral and bacterial infections that are contagious and that are airborne such as influenza, tuberculosis, common cold and cough and even swine flu. Crash dieting may even cause you to faint. Step 4: No Tough Slimming NEVER TRY TOUGH SLIMMING. THE CONSEQUENCES CAN BE FATAL. ‘Tough slimming’ is getting tough with your body and subjecting your body to torture by prolonged starvation. Remember, the diet structure prescribed in steps 1. and 2. CAN be executed over a long stretch of time, as it is good for your body and mind. The prescribed diet structure helps to promote health and enables you to diminish flab and a rotund paunch. It can make you slim, look good as well as healthy and fit. The prescribed diet is good for the heart and will also help sugar levels to be kept under control. IT IS NOT TOUGH SLIMMING. Tough slimming is being overly harsh with your body. Models have often practiced it. In tough slimming, people starve themselves for days, and try to survive only on liquids such as tea and soups. This can be disastrous for the body. It can cause anorexia bulimia, a frightening eating disorder that can make you morbid and that will ultimately kill you. Surviving on fluids only over a prolonged period of time can lead to massive heart attacks and untimely deaths. Several models and supermodels have died of anorexia bulimia and heart attacks, when they have practiced ‘tough slimming’ in order to look skinny. And anyway, you’d like to look good, not emaciated like a skeleton, I’m sure? So what’s the point in tormenting your body by being so tough with it? Step 5: No Giving Long Gaps NEVER GIVE LONG GAPS BETWEEN MEALS. You can skip tea but don’t ever think of skipping breakfast, lunch or dinner. These three meals are all crucial meals. If you think that you’ll get slim by just having two meals a day, think again. Giving long gaps between meals and having one or two main meals a day is sure to cause gastric ulcer in your stomach. Gastric ulcers burn a lot, they can cause serious bleeding in your stomach. And ulcers can turn malignant and become cancerous. And cancer can take your life. Even if gastric ulcers don’t turn cancerous, the treatment that you’ll have to undergo so that your ulcer does not turn cancerous can be a bothersome nuisance. Patients suffering from gastric ulcer are advised not to give gaps, to eat lots of food, to drink lots of milk. Patients suffering from gastric ulcer are hence often fat as dietary restrictions cannot be imposed on them! So, it would do you a fat lot of good if you contracted gastric ulcer by giving gaps! Step 6: Exercise Naturally Natural exercise is recommended. For more information on natural exercise, refer to Part 1: Exercise Wisely and Normally. Regarding exercising, I suggest that you do only ONE thing to make natural exercising possible. It is the ONLY restriction I impose. Don’t take your car to office. Take the public transport instead. Traveling by the public transport is very good for your health. PLEASE USE THE ELEVATOR. Walking up several floors can really damage your heart. Even if your office is on the second floor, I advise you to use the elevator. Many people have the habit of running or walking up the stairs of a building to enter their office. They think that in this way, they will be able to lose a lot of weight. But this is not a good method of losing weight as climbing up floors can even adversely affect the hearts of people who have no heart problems. Hence, where exercising is concerned remember the following salient points: • No need to get up early • No need to do yoga • No need to run miles • No need to jog • No need to do the treadmill • No need to lift weights • No need to go to the gym • No need to run up stairs • No need to pant about in sweat suits • Quit using your car. Use the public transport instead. • Don’t exercise for the sake of exercising. Be natural. Step 7: Trust Your Eyesight Weight depends on height. If you surf the Internet or visit a dietitian or a doctor, you may easily be able to obtain ‘Height-Weight’ charts that display what a person’s weight should be according to his or her height. While you can follow these charts when slimming down, I have to tell you that it is better to use these charts as documents of reference only and not as strict codes of conduct. After all, your eyes are the best judge of whether you appear chubby, plump, porky, flabby, beefy, bulky, fat, corpulent or obese. A height-weight chart can serve as a guide only. The real determinant is your own eyes. So, if you do not think yourself to be fat when you stand in front of the mirror, believe yourself. Even if you are fat according to the data and statistics of a ‘height-weight’ chart. Always trust your eyes. Your own eyes, mind you. Do not go by other people’s eyes and opinions. People who don’t like you might just say you are fat when you are only slightly chubby just to make you feel down. Therefore, you yourself are the best judge of whether or not you need to reduce. Step 8: Be Patient Finally, relax and take it easy. Life is a very big affair. So, don’t let something minor like being fat get the better of you. Be patient with yourself while slimming down. If you read this article and follow what it says, you will become slim in a month’s time if you are overweight, slim in a couple of months if you are pudgy and plump, slim within four to six months, if you are fat and slim by definitely a year, if you are obese. Don’t panic. Be patient. Results will come!

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