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Reviewing the Polar CS600 Cycling Heart Rate Monitor – Ride in Style

By Suzana Mikolova Mar14,2022

Reviewing the Polar CS600 Cycling Heart Rate Monitor – Ride in Style The Polar CS600 heart rate monitor is the perfect companion for those workout and fitness rides. It takes the guessing out of your rides. No more sweating without results. It’s the perfect tool for the professional cyclist looking to break goals. Why settle for the mediocre heart rate monitors when you can choose the best? From its cool design to the futuristic functions and features, the Polar CS600 cycling heart rate monitor is the way to go for personal fitness. If you are losing to lose weight, this Polar heart monitor also helps you reach that goal. Advanced Features on Polar Heart Monitors The different features that are found on the Polar CS600 are out of this world. From its large display to the unique fitness test that is known as Polar OwnIndex which is used to calculate the users aerobic fitness. This goes a long way in measuring progress. The design of this Polar heart monitor is something truly spectacular. It was specifically designed to comfortably sit on the handle bars of a bike. However, the great thing about the CS600 is that it can be used by those who prefer to run or use the gym. Other great features include the three audible and visual features that give an indication of your target heart rate zones. Heart rate and speed are also given by way of a graphical comparison. It also has up to ninety nine laps of automatic recording with the exercise data. This is something that was not previously heard of. Minor features include a backlight and water resistance of up to ten meters. The Polar OwnOptimizer is a handy feature on Polar heart moniors that takes the status of your training load to strike a balance between recovery and training. This will ensure that you do not burn out and is a safety measure. Downside There are hardly any problems to this heart monitor. The first would have to be its size. Since it was specifically designed for cyclers, it is kind of bulky. Second would be the price. The Polar CS600 carries quite a price tag just like most Polar heart monitors however it is assured to give you the best out of your workouts. Overall, the Polar CS600 cycling heart rate monitor is truly a remarkable piece of equipment and technology. Polar have outdone themselves with this one. If you are looking for the perfect buddy on those long workouts and rides, consider this Polar heart monitor.

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