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Integrating Oral Health Into Primary Care

Preventive oral care practices help reduce dental diseases’ oral severity in patients. Highlighted below are ways to help in the integration process for the treatment of such patients.

Bringing Oral Health Into The Community

The approach of moving beyond clinics and establishing routine care facilities in schools and the community setting is slowly beginning to take shape. Focusing on the dental health of expectant mothers is usually given priority, since untreated gum diseases often lead to preterm birth and underweight infants. Efforts to bring midlevel dental therapists closer to people facilitate ease of access to service delivery as well as reduce the dental implant cost for individuals living in remote areas.

Training And Tools To Promote Collaboration

Educating the general crowd on basic preventive measures and recommending dental hygiene practice in primary healthcare facilities is recommended. If implemented well, this method proves efficient, especially when dentists and physicians perform their duties under one roof. This approach works well for kids as immunization and checking for dental disease signs are performed all at once.

Improving Communication Between Dentists And Primary Caregivers

There are unlimited benefits of effective communication and interprofessional coordination. This teamwork enables the medical caregivers to collaborate when handling complex health issues. The sharing of expertise information among the dentists and other caregivers facilitates the development of effective teams. Acting on the shared information is done fast and results in making informed decisions.

Telehealth Enabled Teams

Teledentistry is the approach of using technology to facilitate a virtual meeting. This is often done to link a dental hygienist with a dentist in a different location. Such an approach, if implemented well, facilitates huge success in improving dental hygiene for people. Telehealth consultation is enabled for rural as well as remote health centers.

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The preventive dental care approach has a significant impact on improving health outcomes. Integrating the above model is progress in the right direction as physicians can now screen and offer advice on oral care while dentists can give flu shots and assess blood pressure in patients.

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