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A Guide to the Right Cycling Jerseys

By Suzana Mikolova Aug19,2022

A Guide to the Right Cycling Jerseys Cycling jerseys were not only made so that you will look like Lance Armstrong or any of your biking idols. More than the look, jerseys are designed to make bikers more aerodynamic as well as to be more comfortable during rides. Although of course you can buy your idol’s team jersey, keep in mind these few points to lead you to the right jerseys. First rule in choosing jerseys is not to settle on the most expensive things offered. While it true that the more expensive jerseys have more features, there are still cheap ones which can serve your main purpose. If you have an expert cycling pal, ask for his honest opinion regarding the jerseys he used. Or, you can ask the sales person directly to give you the pros and cons of each brand. Weather plays an important role in choosing the right cycling jerseys. Choosing the right jerseys to suit your weather type will give you the best protection and comfortable rides. There are jerseys made specifically for warm or cold weathers. For example, Lycra and polarine-made materials are best worn on warm weathers while wool or capilene-made materials are generally essential for colder weathers. Moreover, you must also choose the right color of your jerseys. Lighter hues will repel heat thus keeping you cool in warm conditions. On the other hand, darker hues will absorb heat and keep you warm on cold conditions. You have also to make a choice between short or long-sleeved cycling jerseys. For your first purchase, it is highly advisable to get the short-sleeved ones. It is a better option because you can easily slip on warmers during cold days rather than to roll-up your long sleeves during warm weathers. Meanwhile, if you are considering biking at night; it’s important to make yourself more visible to passing cars and pedestrians. Investing on cycling jerseys which contain reflective material is a very good idea. Usually bikers buy this type of clothing aside from their day jersey. But if you don’t have a budget yet, ordinary jerseys will do along with this safety measure. Purchase a set of reflective tapes from bike merchants. Then, cut and attach them on your existing jersey. You can even do this on your light-colored ordinary clothes. If you don’t want to deal with this extra work; saving for a night jersey remains the best idea.

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