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Indoor Cycling Accessories – 3 You Should Own and Use

By Suzana Mikolova Jun28,2022

Indoor Cycling Accessories – 3 You Should Own and Use Are you an indoor cycling enthusiast? Indoor cycling classes, also known as spin classes, are a popular staple on health club aerobic class schedules. They are a great fat burning workout and are rapidly gaining in popularity, primarily because they are very low impact. Experienced cyclists, either indoor or outdoor, know that certain cycling accessories can help reduce injury, add comfort, and maximize the value of cycling. Outdoor cyclists in particular have numerous accessories, like helmets, specialty clothing, and bike enhancements to name a few. Due to the nature of indoor cycling, there are less accessories, but there are three that every participant should own and use. Let’s examine the benefits of each… Indoor Cycling Shoes Like most specialty footwear, these shoes are designed specifically for one activity. They are a unique type of fitness shoe since they have special nodules or cleats designed to clip atop the bike pedals. This allows your feet to be free from pedal stirrups, which lessen the likelihood of ankle damage, tendon strains, and jammed toes. Just as important, these shoes have added padding for the balls of your feet. Cycling in general places great emphasis on this part of your foot, so the extra padding is quite useful. Further, they are very lightweight and breathable, designed specifically for the hot, humid conditions of cycling rooms. Gel Bicycle Seat Covers Do you remember the first time you took an indoor cycling class? Afterwards, for a few days actually, it’s likely your backside hurt. Gel bicycle seat covers help minimize the discomfort and are commonly used in these classes. They really make a difference! Just slip the seat cover over the bike seat, and you’re guaranteed a more comfortable ride. They’re not expensive at all, and are available from most online specialty cycling stores. Heart Rate Monitors The language of indoor cycling classes is based on rate of perceived exertion or heart rate levels. Your ideal fat burning heart rate is dependent on your age, and instructors normally direct participants to check heart rate at least once or twice during class. Heart rate monitors are designed to make this an easy task. Most are fastened around your wrist, like a wrist watch. Since one of your pulse points is just above the wrist, a heart rate monitor gives you a continual display, letting you know if you’re in the target zone or need to adjust effort level. An added benefit is their adaptability to other fitness activities. You won’t need to physically stop to monitor your target heart rate, since you can simply check it at a glance. Summary If you’re planning to use indoor cycling classes as part of your overall fitness plan, consider buying and using recommended cycling shoes, a gel bike seat cover, and a heart rate monitor. You’ll find that each of these indoor cycling accessories will help you get the most benefit from your class.

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