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Eat a Rainbow of Foods

By Suzana Mikolova Jun26,2022

Eat a Rainbow of Foods If the old axiom “you are what you eat” is right, then why not eat a vibrant assortment of foods? Our eye is naturally attracted to deep green of landscapes and the rich red of roses, then why do we eat a mottled gray colored diet? French fries, hamburger, and an artificially flavored drink. Oh they try to spice it up a little bit, throwing in a flimsy slice of tomato or a sorry excuse for lettuce, but overall a gray and brown meal-how exciting. We eat this stuff because it tastes good. However, its taste is artificially altered because chemicals are added which can cause addiction and cravings, also it tastes good because it is loaded with as much fat, salt, and sugar as they can manage. A test to discover if what you are eating is truly good can often be based on color. Vivacious and natural reds, blues, greens, and yellows can indicate an abundance of nutrients within. Perhaps it comes from evolution. Maybe the ancients ate the foods that attracted their eye and in time human bodies developed a need for their nutrients. Maybe in 4,000 years our bodies will be able to survive off fat and sugar and artificial chemicals alone. But don’t hold your breath. For whatever reason, our bodies need an assortment of vitamins and minerals to perform all functions. Each nutrient has specific tasks within the body, and without them problems arise. Colorful fruit and vegetables are known for their density of nutrients. Dark green vegetables are infused with antioxidants which destroy dangerous free radicals that enter our body through the air and environmental agents. They are also brimming with vitamins A, C, and K, folate, iron, calcium, and fiber. Some of the best dark green foods include spinach, broccoli, and romaine lettuce. Red colored plants have an important nutrient named lycopene. Lycopene is one of the top ten anticancer carotenoids (or the pigments that create color in plants). Good red foods are things like raspberries, cherries, beets, strawberries, and tomatoes. Blue or dark purple plant foods such as blueberries, blackberries, grapes, or plums also have anticancer qualities. They contain a pigment called anthocyanin as well as vitamin C, fiber, flavonoids, and antioxidants. Orange and yellow foods are very unique in their properties. These types of foods actually reduce the effects of aging. They promote healthy eyes, joints, and work with calcium to create strong bones. So make sure to have a variety of apricots, carrots, peaches, pumpkin, and sweet potatoes to your diet. Also look for white (mushrooms, onions), pink (grapefruit), black (black beans), and dark red (kidney beans) colors. Filling your life with all these colorful, tasty fruits and vegetables will spice up your life in a healthy way. Even with all this smart eating, we sometimes miss out on needed nutrients, because let’s face it, it’s hard to fit in all these colors and the other food groups (also important, don’t forget about them!) on a daily basis. So add a daily multivitamin to your day to make sure all your bases are covered. Eating healthy is the best way to get vitamins and minerals, but supplementing good eating with a multivitamin is the best way to go. Spice up your life and make your body happy by making smart, exciting choices about what you eat.

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