Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

Fat to Fit The word fat is universally tied to the word diet and diet has become a dirty little four letter word. To be on a diet is to be suffering a form of punishment for all the weight doesn’t go on in an hour so it is going to take some considerable time to lose it. In fact when we eat all those forgettable foods that pile on the pounds, well, that is the punishment period. When we choose healthy foods and a good exercise regime we are being kind to the magical vessel we call our body. Stripping off the fat is the kindest way that you could treat your body. Making realistic daily workout and food selections just for you will have you saying Did It, Excelled Totally. A good word here is realistic. Set yourself a realistic goal that you know that you can easily achieve without losing sight of the end result. If it all becomes too hard, then we are doomed to failure. Let’s use willpower as our new beginning and kick out that particular four letter word from our vocabulary for once and for all. We know the excuses why the fat went on in the first place but let’s get past that. Now is the time for indulging our bodies in a wondrous new experience called healthy? There are millions of people enjoying this fabulous state, looking good, living life, so why not you? Surround yourself with friends who will give you the support you need to kick off in high gear toward a fabulous you. You’ve heard the old joke about “inside this fat body is a thin one trying to get out,” and the friend replies, “just the one?” Don’t let that be you. Shed the fat like an old lizard skin and never put it on again. Get over all the reasons why you shouldn’t start a good program and truly find the inner desire to be better inside and out.

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