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Do You Really Have to Count Calories to Lose Weight?

By Suzana Mikolova Jul15,2022

Do You Really Have to Count Calories to Lose Weight? Calorie counting is something that most people don’t like to do because it seems like a lot of work. People are lazy by nature, so if there are ways to take shortcuts, then people take it. But then again, if counting calories, creating your own menus and keeping a food journal, are proven to help people lose weight, then avoiding them does not help your cause. What benefits does counting calories have? Count calories to lose weight There are a lot of people who say that calorie counting is not worth it and a lot of people lose weight without doing it. So why should you? Well, most people struggle to lose even a small amount of weight, so they need as much support, help and tools as possible. If you are not counting calories, then essentially you are guessing and if you really want to succeed at weight loss, then you want to be 120% sure you will succeed. Most importantly the more you track everything you eat and do, the more your awareness about nutrition and your own behaviour expands. This makes weight loss many times easier. One of the main reasons why people struggle with weight loss, is because they eat the wrong foods, the wrong amount of foods and they are not aware of it. Why? Because they are not tracking their behaviour, they are not counting calories. The more feedback you get, the less mistakes you will make and the more progress you will make. As time goes on, tracking your progress by counting calories or measuring your body fat, becomes much easier. It may be a pain in the butt at first to count all your calories and write them down, but eventually you will become so aware of the food you eat, that you practically will not make any mistakes. There are people who have a fantastically developed intuition, and they don’t have to count calories to make progress. For example some bodybuilders are so sensitive and listen to their body so well, that they can notice even the smallest detail. But since most people in the western culture are so distracted, they couldn’t even tell the difference between night and day. So use everything you can to help you and if you have a fat loss program, that you can follow and get help from, then you have a very big change to succeed.

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