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Illness Due to Diet

By Suzana Mikolova Jul13,2022

Illness Due to Diet Do you find it strange, that in this day and age, when everything is ‘supposedly’ much superior to how they were fifty years ago, or half a century before that, that folks are dying from illnesses at a greater rate nowadays, then they were in the past. The main illness I’m talking about is cancer, but there’s a lot of other illnesses that folks are actually being affected by, which were no where near as common during the ‘good olden days’ in regards to what they may be now. Obviously, things are completely different now from what they were 100 years ago, even half a century ago. There’s lots of factors that could affect ones health, from around the job stress, insufficient exercise, even a sleep disorder, but in this post, I’ll be addressing an issue which appears to be getting worse and worse for the population as a whole, our diet. The thing is that, in recent times, things are about profit. The manufacturer’s like to produce their goods as quickly as possible, at as little cost as possible, so that they can make a large profit as fast as possible. Some businesses are kinder than others, and do actually care about the products they provide their customers with, but on there mind is still PROFIT. Now, apply this pertaining to food. Manufacturers, which in this instance can include from the farmers who actually plant and grow the produce, to the companies who produce their goods, to the supermarkets who supply the products to the consumer. All of them wish to produce the maximum amount of products possible, to be able to produce the most profit, and in relation to food, this is mass processing, which by and large includes a large number of chemicals, flavour enhancers and preservatives. Most of these are created to either make the entire process of creating their food quicker, or even to improve the foods life, with the intention that it takes longer to expire, therefore costing the manufacturer less money in the long run, given that the item hangs about for longer, meaning they will not spend cash replacing it quite so soon. Now, one’s body can handle these chemicals, however, not effectively. While the body can digest these products, there’s no accurate expertise in what it’s doing to the body at a cell level or what effect these chemicals can have on our offspring in the future generation. The reports which are undertaken into this always seem to end up as inconclusive. They might never prove one way or the other, whether there is an effect from these foods or not. Obviously, because these powerfully rich manufacturers don’t want people being aware what effect their items are going to do to us. This would cause uproar, and they’d go out of business. The most effective answer to this is to avoid these mass produced goods whenever you can, so no fastfood or snacks like crisps etc. Obviously, you’d have to be made from pretty strong stuff to remove those things out of your life 100%, nevertheless the less you will consume of the items, the better off you will be in the end. Stated above earlier, there are other factors which could play a role in a person getting an illnesses or disease, such as it could be hereditary, or it could be caused by other influences in your own life like stress, or your environment (pollution), but making certain you consume correctly, is also a major factor, and it is the one that you yourself have 100% control over.

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