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2 Easy Tricks to Help Overweight Vegetarians Lose Fat

By Suzana Mikolova Nov23,2022

2 Easy Tricks to Help Overweight Vegetarians Lose Fat A sensible healthy vegetarian diet and a good exercise routine always come in pair for any overweight vegetarian who’s looking to lose fat and shape up. If you have problems with starting up a good fat loss diet and kicking off an exercise regimen, I have 2 simple tricks here to help you. 1. Blend Vegetables in Your Vegetarian Diet It seems that vegetables are not so welcome by meat-eaters or vegetarians alike. However, the “bad news” is that vegetable plays a crucial role in vegetarian fat loss. Thanks to its high nutritional values, high fibrous structure and low caloric content. If chewing vegetables freak you out, my easy approach is to blend vegetables with fruits to make a green smoothie. Pick any fruits you like and start with “more delicious” veggies (in my opinion) like spinach, green cabbage, butterhead lettuce, or cucumber etc. Here’s an idea for you: — 2 cup spinach — 2 medium bananas — 1 medium Granny Smith apple — 1/2 cup blueberries — 1/2 tsp ground nutmeg [Calorie 363.5, Carb 90.5g, Protein 5.1g, Fat 2.5g] This is a high-carb green smoothie. But its 15g of fiber slows the digestion to help keep your blood glucose levels, thereby your energy levels constant, so you won’t experience roller coaster effect. This results in a longer lasting energy to help keep you going. And most importantly, such high-carb, high-fiber meal won’t easily deposit fat in your fat stores as compared to a high-carb, low-fiber meal. Begin with a vegetable to fruit ratio of 1:3. Once you’re more comfortable with veggies and get to love more varieties, make it 2:3 or 1:1. 2. Simple Exercise Engaging in exercises is not as frightening as you think it is. You definitely need to walk from one place to another, so if you do not want to incorporate extra exercises into your vegetarian diet plan for fat loss, take the opportunity of walking to help you shed off the extra pounds. Normal walking pace takes you nowhere. You won’t lose much fat with that. I suggest applying interval training to the pace in such pattern: 12-second normal pace and 8-second fast pace and down to 12-second normal pace again and so forth. You can do this on a treadmill too if you have one gathering dust at home. In fact, working out on a treadmill is the easiest form of exercise you can ever do in the comfort of your own home. The more you do, the lighter and more energetic you become. If you can get these 2 easy tricks done continually for at least 2 weeks, you can literally advance to other techniques which will take your vegetarian fat loss to the next level.

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