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Why Bike Shelters Are So Common

By Suzana Mikolova Aug9,2022

Why Bike Shelters Are So Common There is a deep concern over the cost of transport in the UK these days, what with the cost of road tax, insurance, fuel and repairs all mounting up that many people are making the switch to riding bikes rather than driving cars. In most circumstances, people’s commutes are less than four miles which is more than achievable on a bike and it helps keep that person fit too. With both fitness and cost in mind, it’s no wonder more people are taking to two-wheel transport than four. That does raise concerns of the safety and security of the bike when it’s not in use and that’s why councils, businesses and organisations buy bike shelters. If there are bike shelters available then more people will see others ride their bikes to work and to the shops, and therefore will be more inclined to do the same if they know there is somewhere to keep their bike. Bikes are so narrow and barely take up any room compared to a car or worse, a 4×4 vehicle, and that’s why employers encourage the usage of commuting on bikes to work as it means they don’t have to have such large car parks. Car parks that aren’t chargeable are a drain on the resources and profits of a company, as they pay rent on the land and need to maintain it. If more people rode bikes and used bike shelters to keep them safe then the cost to the employer of investing in bike shelters compared to a car park is monumental. The cycle shelters need to tick a few boxes, such as having a sturdy canopy to keep the bikes from the elements and to ensure they don’t fall foul to rust. They also need secure mounting points so that it can withstand strong winds and so that the bikes can be securely locked while not in use. The most important part of bike shelters is their durability. You want them to last a long time and that’s why it’s important to buy from an experienced manufacturer and seller of bike shelters. In this respect, you cannot beat experience and remember, if you have a business establishment and you want to reduce the amount of cars that are sat outside, then investing in a bike shelter will encourage people to ride their bikes to work. What’s more, they will be refreshed from the ride and most likely be more productive once they arrive at work as they have had some exercise. Conclusion In order to help reduce the effect cars have on the environment, encourage people to ride their bikes by buying a bike shelter. Bike shelters come in a range of shapes and sizes, and can accommodate many bikes in just a small space. Don’t forget to buy a bike shelter that is safe, secure, durable and has appropriate anchor points for bike locks.

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