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The Dangers of a High Sugar Diet

By Suzana Mikolova Jul16,2019

Ice cream, cakes, chocolates, candies – yummy! Everyone loves these treats! Unfortunately, this delicious food can be harmful to everyone’s health. Other than problems with diabetes and obesity, constant intake of this type of food would eventually lead to developing heart condition as one grows older.
Several studies found that any individual whose diet consists of a high dose of sugar would eventually be at risk of having heart problems brought about by high levels of triglyceride. At the same time, too much sugar in the body can significantly lower the level of good cholesterol or lipoproteins.
Studies conducted showed a result that among adults grouped together basing on their cholesterol level and diet; at least 16% showed that their daily food calories come from the entire sugary treat they consume each day. This result is quite alarming.
According to professional food nutritionist, the recommended daily sugar intake for women should only be 6 teaspoons while 9 for men. This sugar refers to processed or refined sugar mostly used in baking and cooking. Natural sugar from fruits is not included.
However in this report, the most number of sugar intake among the people surveyed reaches 46 teaspoons while the least intake is 3 teaspoons. It is not surprising that many people develop serious illness.
Hopefully, results from this study can make a difference among food companies to cut back on processing food with too much sugar. It can certainly make a difference. The local government is taking steps to prevent more health issues brought about by too much sugar in one’s diet. One of this is charging tax on carbonated beverages.
With the tax charged on colas, it is estimated that yearly consumption of such beverage would lower from 50 to 40 gallons. If this number would decrease more, it would be better.
Other than heart disease, too much sugar on one’s diet can lead to conditions like stroke, hypertension and Diabetes type 2. With much optimism, the result of this study will make everyone aware of the danger brought about by high sugar diet to one’s health.Kuliner kota Malang

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