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The Best Choice for Hair Care

By Suzana Mikolova Feb13,2022 #choice

Hair is important for everyone. It is a natural protector of head. And its condition reveals the health of a person. Nowadays, there are plenty of shampoos and relevant masks on the market. In order to have healthy and beautiful hair, people would like to choose natural products. They think that natural ingredients would not do harms to health and protect our hair from damage. But products are products. Nutrition in natural plants is destroyed in the processing to some extent. Compared with expensive but artificial products, natural plants are wiser choices.
We can make hair care products at home by ourselves. Many kinds of food seem to have nothing to do with our hair. But in fact, these products are useful but economical. For example, beer can clean the hair and make hair elastic. B?�arnaise can help hair recover from damage and turn glamorous. And eggs can be made into hair masks, too. These products are familiar to everyone and the making does not need any techniques.
Many people think it incredible that food is used on hair. It would be somewhat disgusting. But food is especially good for hair damages. For instance, people can try some avocado to protect your hair. If it is unavailable, people can use butter or other plant oil instead. Tea is also a wise choice. Washing hair with tea can make hair black and elastic. A spoon of tea leaves is enough for people who wear short hair, while two spoons are needed for people with long hairs. It is more inexpensive than any other hair care product.
Then, let me teach you to make and use two more complicated but useful hair masks. The first one is called apple vinegar. As we know, vinegar with distilled spirit does goods to hair. So does apple vinegar. We are suggested to apply some apple vinegar to hair for one minute after we have washed our hair. Usually, half a cup of apple vinegar is enough. If the smell of vinegar is not welcomed, we could wash with pure water once or twice after that. Apple vinegar contains many acids, such as tannic acid. It could eliminate the left chemicals in the hair and soften our hair effectively. But we have to remember that it should be kept away from eyes. The other mask is made of cheese or b?�arnaise. As both substances are acidic, they can wipe off the leftovers in the hair. If we want to make our hair softer, we can add some nutritious fruit, such as mango, banana and avocado. Or we can pour a small amount of plant oil into it. Such a mask is especially good for dry and rough hair. It is suggested to use once or twice a week.

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