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Proper Tips on Shampooing

Shampooing is one of the essential ways to protect the hair, make it smooth and easier to manage. It can restore the balance and maintain the health and beauty of hair. After shampooing, hair becomes easier to comb and style. Below are some important tips on shampooing.
First, determine if your hair is dry, fine, oily, normal, or color treated. This will find out which shampoo is suitable for you. Remember to use a product formulated for your hair type as this will help you deal with the hair problems.
Always pay for an herbal shampoo, as they are available not including any added chemicals. If you can, buy small sachets of shampoo to test which brand is most appropriate for your hair.
Using hot water wet hair thoroughly. Pour shampoo into the palm of one hand and then rub both palms together to distribute it evenly. Apply the shampoo to the top of your head and massage it on to the scalp using the balls of your fingers. Remember to apply it all over the hair – from roots to the end.
With plenty of water rinse all the lather from your hair. Depending on your hair’s thickness and length, you may need to repeat the previous steps. Usually one application of shampoo is sufficient, unless your hair is very dirty or has oil in it, in which case you might need a second rinse.
Read the instructions carefully. Some shampoos require to be left on the scalp for some minutes before rinsing.
Prior to shampooing, brush your hair to make it free from tangles and loosen dirt and dead skin cells. Don’t rub your hair vigorously after shampooing, as it may break fragile hair shafts and weaken the roots. Pat it dry gently and wrap your hair in a towel.
Stay away from washing your hair using washing-up liquid, soap or other detergents as these products are highly alkaline. By stripping out the natural oils, they will disturb your hairs natural pH balance.
To maintain hair’s natural shine try shampooing only every other day.

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