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Carbonated Beverages to Be Restricted in Candida Diet

Carbonated Beverages to Be Restricted in Candida Diet My friend read something online earlier about cutting out (among all the other things we can’t eat) carbonated beverages in candida diet. She loves Perrier and Diet Rite peach melba drinks (sweetened with Splenda). She only has one Diet Rite per day, but she will often drink 2 25oz bottles of Perrier a day if she has it around. She wonders why carbonated beverages are not allowed. I know that I have different reactions from the sugars versus the carbonation. The carbonation seems to make it all the way through my system resulting in little air pockets that come out when I use the bathroom. Unlike the sugar that causes the typical candida problems with me. I am trying to be as strict as possible on my diet, but at least for the first month or so I am allowing myself diet soda and sweet and low for my grapefruit and herbal tea. I know it kills, but I just have to have something to satisfy my sugar cravings or else I know I won’t succeed! I have a book about candida diets written by a nutritionist who chewed sugarless gum in the beginning for the very same reason. I mean, we are only human and are capable of weaning ourselves off the stuff when the time comes. I am planning to go from diet soda to Perrier and then off that no matter what they say. It can’t be that terrible. Sometimes, I also break down and drink a “Spritzer” by “R. W. Knudsen”. It doesn’t affect me like typical sodas. It has sparkling water, concentrated fruit juices, and “natural flavor”. But, as I have learned recently, there could be anything in that natural flavor. I wanted to point out, too, if Splenda is made from sugar that they process. I am not sure if Splenda is any good for candida either considering what it really is. Try this for a fizzy drink: sparkling mineral water, unsweetened cranberry juice, and Stevia if you want to sweeten it. It is rather tart but refreshing!

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