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How to Have Clear Skin – Requirements

By Suzana Mikolova Nov19,2022

How to Have Clear Skin – Requirements Being an acne researcher, I have many of my friends asking me how to have clear skin. They seem to think that there is some magic pill or magic ritual that will clear up their complexion. I will say to them “You want to know how to have clear skin? Well, it takes patience, discipline, and some experimentation.” You may even need to go on a clear skin diet. This is usually when I get the funny looks from them because not only have I not given them the answer that they were expecting, but I have not mentioned any form of medication. I will go into detail to explain this further. Patience Some friends seem to expect overnight results. They will wake up in the morning and check their reflection in the mirror and most times become discouraged of their progress. Following a clear skin diet will not have overnight results. You may not even see results within a few days. It is something that you will have to be patient about, and as long as after a few weeks you see some sort of improvement then it will mean that you will see further progress down the road. There is no instant cure for acne because the skin is so complex. We will have to care for it and wait for results. Discipline There is no use in asking how to have clear skin if you are not going to follow the advice. Most friends of mine will ask for my advice or will be using a product but will not use it as I recommended. If you are supposed to use a prescription twice a day, everyday, then don’t be surprised if you don’t and you aren’t seeing results. The first thing that I ask my patients when they tell me that a certain prescription didn’t work is whether or not they followed the directions accurately. Most times they will tell me that they didn’t. And when it comes to a clear skin diet that I told them to follow, they always tell me that they failed to do so. Experimentation Unfortunately not everybody’s skin is the same otherwise it would be easy to treat acne and the same clear skin tips would work for all. All that would be needed would be one type of medication, and all methods of achieving healthy skin would apply to everyone, but everyone’s skin is different. Some people will have dry skin for example, while others will have oily skin. In order to learn what works best for your skin you will have to experiment with different methods, cleansers, and prescriptions to find out what works best for you. So when people ask me how to have clear skin I tell them by having patience, discipline as well as experimenting.

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