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Hoodia Gordonii

By Suzana Mikolova May13,2022

Hoodia Gordonii Users of herbal plans must know that hoodia-gordonii means leafless spiny succulent plant which is used for medicinal benefits. Mostly it is found in south africa and namibia. The hoodia gordonii flower has a smell just like rotten meat and generally pollinated by flies. In southern africa people used this plant for the treatment of indigestion and small infections. Earlier the hoodia-gordonii was used as appetite-suppressant effects for treating the patients. At present hoodia gordonii is taken as appetite suppressant in human being is still not clear. Still research is going on the usages of hoodia-gordonii on both human and animals for taking out the best uses of it for the welfare of society. Since the usage of hoodia-gordonii is under suspicion so not many experts recommend hoodia-gordonii as a medicine for the weight loss in obese patients. Still lots of medical centers are in doubt about the usages of hoodia gordonii but it is prevalent in the society as a user among folk people. There are several techniques for testing the uitlity of hoodia-gordoniii such as HPTLC, HPLC, Microscopy /DPI, direct assay of the active component, “P57”. In the year 2007 hoodia gordonii was tested in labs for making it useful for consumer products. For securing its consumer the American Herbal Products Association produced the industry standard for hoodia authentication in the market followed by the complaints coming from the consumer regarding fraudulent hoodia-gordonii products being marketed in the society. One should know that that hoodia gordonii product has 100 percent hoodia-gordonii extract in them. Infact hoodia is a cactus which was used by bushman of big deserts to stop their hunger while on the journery on such deserts. The plant of hoodia gordonii contains a particular molecule called P57 which is infact a steroidal glycoside which has the functioning of not allowing the brain to feel hunger. But this molecule on the other hand is beneficial for obese patient to get rid of them from fatness. The main work of hoodia-gordonii is just not for suppressing hunger but also for increasing energy level for boosting the mind and the body. The biggest quality of hoodia gordonii is that it has no negative side effects and has a recountable effectiveness and making itself best appetite suppressors because it don’t lead to dizziness or insomnia as other appetite suppressors does.

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