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High Protein Diets Help Reduce Total Body Fat in Type 2 Diabetes

High Protein Diets Help Reduce Total Body Fat in Type 2 Diabetes We know that high protein diets help control or even reduce abdominal fat. This is true whether a person has type 2 diabetes or not. Abdominal fat is a key risk factor for type 2 diabetes. But what about the fat elsewhere in our body? Could it be possible that in losing abdominal fat, it just goes somewhere else in the body? It seems to be a fair question. After all, we are told that the body has to do something with the fat and calories. But it turns out that in the process of losing our abdominal fat, it is not sent elsewhere in the body! The body seems to have a preference as to where to put the fat and in some folks, it is the abdomen. In other individuals, it may be in the lower half of the body. But as far as we know, they are not interchangeable. That is, it is not one or the other deposition site (abdomen or lower body.) It is more like one or the other location. A high protein diet does reduce abdominal or belly fat, working on one of the significant risk factors associated with type 2 diabetes. But at the same time, a high protein diet reduces total body fat. In this instance, I am talking about fat deposits away from the abdomen. This is very useful information. Think about this. We are repeatedly told to watch our dietary fat intake because fatty foods are calorie intense. But if at the same time, we purposefully increase the amount of protein in our diet, we almost by default reduce our dietary fat intake. (Do watch the carbohydrate intake in the process.) Anything that reduces our weight and in particular out total body fat content, can significantly reduce our risk for type 2 diabetes. It may be that you do not have a lot of abdominal fat. Yet, you still could be overweight with the fat deposited elsewhere in the body. A high protein diet will help wherever the fat is deposited in excess!

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