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Beware of Vitamin Overdose

Everyone knows that vitamins are good for your health. But do you know that excessive consumption of vitamins can lead to health problems? Here is how it usually happens.
When an individual encounters health problems, it is easy to think that such problems are caused by vitamin deficiency – that is, poor nutrition. Having a poor diet can cause all sorts of health problems. But unfortunately, it’s hard to diagnose the cause of these problems. It’s always best to leave the diagnosis to the medical professionals.
Our body usually doesn’t react adversely to vitamins in most situations. Even when consumed in excess, the common scenario is that the body just passes out the excess vitamins. This is especially true for water soluble vitamins like vitamin C. But it is the very same common knowledge that sometimes cause people to think that, “Hey, since it’s water soluble and passes out quickly by the body, I can consume as much as I want.”
Unfortunately, this is not true. Over consumption of vitamins can lead to symptoms such as diarrhea, intestine irritation, nausea, and weakness. The body tries to give you warning signals that something is off balance. If you ignore these signs, then more serious consequences may occur.
The good news is, it is hard to get to levels of toxicity unless you consume supplements in huge quantities. It is unlikely to get an over dosage just from a normal diet. That is why it is always wise to consult the doctor before consuming an supplements. In general, it is safe to consume multivitamins but if you suspect that you are suffering from some kind of deficiency, check with a doctor first before consuming anything in huge doses.
What happens if you experience toxicity from an over dosage? Usually, when you stop consumption of whatever supplements you are taking, the body will gradually self correct. Your doctor may also prescribe you with medication to stop the symptoms that you are experiencing.
Is there any way to prevent toxicity? Know that for most healthy individuals, the vitamins that you get from your normal diet (assuming it’s a balanced diet) will be enough. Take multivitamins only as a supplement and not as a replacement for wholesome natural foods. This way, you will not put yourself at risk.
If you have been consuming supplements and you start to experience side effects, stop immediately and consult a doctor.

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