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The Heart Of The Budwig Diet

By Suzana Mikolova Aug25,2022

The Heart Of The Budwig Diet Here is a description of the center piece of Budwig protocol, the Budwig Muesli. If your need for the full system is immediate, please find excellent coverage in “A Day In The Budwig Diet” by Ursula Escher available at Amazon. Otherwise here is the basic recipe. It must be prepared fresh daily and can be adjusted in some respects to fit personal taste. 2 tablespoons of freshly grounded whole flax seeds. 3 tablespoons of flax oil. 100 g or more of organic low fat cottage cheese or quark. You can also try cheese made from cow or goat milk, or all natural low fat yogurt store-bought or home made. Barlean’s, a company that offers high quality Flax Oil, says dry milk is also an acceptable ingredient. 1 or 2 tablespoons of unpasteurized milk if the mixture turns out too thick. Goats milk, another option, is easier to digest. 1 tablespoon pure raw honey. Various flavorings, like cinnamon, vanilla, lemon juice, orange juice, bananas, or any combination of these items. Half or whole cup of mixed fruits in season, especially berries. Berries contain ellagic acid which protect the body from cancer causing substances and help eliminate cancer cells, stopping the growth of tumors. First put the ground flax seeds in the bottom of a bowl. The flax seed should be ground less fine than a powder. In a separate bowl using an immersion blender mix the flax oil with the cottage cheese until there is no oil showing in the mixture. The oil must be completely dissolved into the cottage cheese. Don’t use a regular blender because the mixture will get stuck under the blades. But you can mix by hand if you prefer. It takes about a minute of blending to completely combine the oil and cottage cheese. It the mixture is too thick don’t add water or juice while blending. Add honey and mix well. Less honey or no honey works faster. The honey is for flavoring only. Now add other flavorings such as cinnamon, vanilla, pure cocoa, shredded coconut, sugar free apple sauce or lemon juice to suggest a few ideas. Serve this mixture on top of the flax seed and fruit. You may garnish with walnuts, Brazil nuts, and or macadamia nuts. Peanuts are definitely out. Never use peanuts. If you wanted to know what is the foundational ingredient of The Budwig Diet then this article should have made it clear. The rest of the protocol has to do with eating organic foods only, making fruit and vegetable juices from scratch with organic produce, sun bathing 10 to 20 minutes and day, a and few other simple daily rituals. I know by following this plan only partially my ability to breathe well enough to get around again has been acomplished.

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