Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

The #1 Reason to Try the Medifast Diet (Honestly? This is Best For Overweight Women 30+)

The #1 Reason to Try the Medifast Diet (Honestly? This is Best For Overweight Women 30+) Who else is curious to know more about Medifast? If you are anything like the vast majority of people reading this right now, the chances are you’ve got your hand at least partly up in the air right now! Why? Because for most of us, the simple truth is that losing weight is almost always a losing proposition and a life long one that usually ends up badly, especially for women. So why is Medifast a good choice if you fall into this group? Honestly? More people have lost weight on the Medifast diet than just about any other popular diet on the market. And it has the benefit of being endorsed by over 15,000 doctors. we’re really keeping score, over one MILLION people have successfully used Medifast to meet their weight loss goals. But in my view, the most powerful endorsement of this program is seeing the difference it’s made in the lives of people I know and well as the personal transformation it helped to facilitate in my life as well. is it hard to follow? How much does it cost? And how much weight will I really lose? The truth? Medifast is designed to be followed easily. 5 meal replacement meals a day, and one lean and green self prepared choice you pick out and make for yourself. Total calories are going to be LESS than 1200 if you follow it that’s a “recipe” for remarkable weight loss for all of us for sure! The cost is going to surprise you…..about 10 dollars a day, or 300 for the month. (and that included all meals other than your 1 self prepared portion) As far as weight loss goes? 2-5 pounds per week is about average, with many folks losing well north of 20 per month. In the famous John Hopkins Medifast study, the average weight loss over the life of the program was pushing 60 that’s a lot of weight to lose, and a whole bunch of self esteem to gain! 

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