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Simple Recipes For Fatty Liver – Excess Liver Fat Doesn’t Mean Your Taste Buds Have To Suffer

Simple Recipes For Fatty Liver – Excess Liver Fat Doesn’t Mean Your Taste Buds Have To Suffer Are there simple recipes for fatty liver that are both nutritious and delicious at the same time? If you’ve been diagnosed with fatty liver disease (FLD), you may think the rest of your life will be resigned to eating foods that taste no better than a mouthful of cardboard. However, that simply isn’t the case. Although specific recipes for reducing fat in your liver can sometimes be hard to find, it’s not impossible. And the best news is many are extremely tasty and can help you forget you’re eating low fat foods. After all, foods that are good for you aren’t supposed to taste good, right? Some of the fatty liver diet recipes I’ve come across include foods like: Roast beef mini rolls Potato and tuna salads Raisin pancakes Mexican omelets Caribbean shrimp and peas Roast chicken and fish with vegetables Peach cobbler In her ebook, “Fatty Liver Diet Guide”, veteran liver nurse, Dorothy Spencer, provides over 30 simple recipes and states, “The goal of this cookbook section is not to present you with gourmet dishes, but with healthful meals that fit within the dietary needs of a fatty liver patient.” The idea being that simple CAN equate to delicious. Cooking and eating in a way that helps lower fat in the liver doesn’t require any unusual or expensive ingredients. You don’t have to be a culinary expert. The main goal is simply to reduce fat consumption to prevent further build up of triglycerides in the liver. A good diet plan will also be well balanced to provide your body with ample opportunity to consume all the necessary vitamins and minerals needed to combat liver problems. These include things like folate (folic acid), vitamin B complexes, selenium, vitamin K, sulfur, and manganese to name a few. Being diagnosed with FLD doesn’t have to be the end of your love of food. You simply need to be open to eating in a more holistic and health conscious way. So which recipe will be the first you’re going to try?

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