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Looking to Build Up Your Cycling Endurance Training?

By Suzana Mikolova May1,2022

Looking to Build Up Your Cycling Endurance Training? Cycling endurance training is one of the best ways to keep yourself in shape for races or just for everyday activities that require amounts of endurance to get you though the day. Even if you are the casual cycling rider or if you get into the big races the routine for cycling endurance training is still the same. There are a few different techniques for gaining strength and stamina throughout you’re cycling endurance training workout for the day. But if you want to get to the front of the pack and make sure that you will stay there then this will drastically help you improve your stamina levels and power. One of the biggest muscle groups that will be tortured in the races is the legs. And there are lots of different exercises that can be done to help strengthen and build stamina. Some of my favorites are getting creative with the leg squats. If you can do a one legged squat then you’re already doing excellent. For starters just try this one out sit on a chair or raised flat area and extend one leg out then try to stand up without letting the leg touch the ground. As your legs develop your cycling endurance training will get easier as the time goes by. Other types of squats that I like to alter are the basics but try to do the one mentioned before with ankle weights on. Yes that’s right if you are comfortable with doing a good couple sets normally then set the bar higher and add weight. The reason for this is when you remove the weights you will be able to do these much easier and gain a lot of stamina when there are no weights on your body this will also make your cycling endurance training an easier task as well. Then its on to the hill climbs, the same thing applies here as you go to climb a hill, but this time try to weigh yourself down a little and see how far you can make it up the hill without changing gears. Once you reach the highest you can go start from the bottom again, repeat and see if you can go further than last time. If you can climb a hill with weight on in your cycling endurance training then you will fly up the hill when the weight is removed. At the end of the day what is really important is that you stick to a good regime with cycling endurance training and a good diet as well endurance and strength will follow shortly.

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