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How to Treat Acid Reflux Definition and symptoms: Acid reflux, also called reflux esophagitis, refers to an inflammation in the esophagus when the stomach acid turns back. Now nearly 1/3 adults in the world have unbearable experiences about acid reflux. The symptoms mainly include the followings: dyspepsia, heartburn, stuffing with acid gas in the stomach, difficult swallowing or pain when swallowing, nausea and abdominal pain. Acid Reflux Treatment: Up to now, acid reflux is generally nothing to worry about. In fact, through some healthy diets or food, we can protect our stomach from suffering it. 1. To drink some Apple Cider Vinegar In our common life, we can store some apple cider vinegar which has supernatural effect home diseases remedy like acid reflux. When it appears, some apple cider vinegar may be the most simple and effective things. Sometimes, people are used to drink milk to end up. But it is only temporary relief and then may cause more severe problems because the milk itself contains acid. 2. To eat small and moderate meals Small and moderate meals may be more easily swallowing and relieve the stomach load which can strengthen anti-acid performance. So for better digestion, such foods as rice, bread or noodles should be eaten more in our life. In addition, some garlic is also effective for the symptom, but it must be well chewed up. 3. To use some oral medications For quicker moderate acid reflux, we can take some medications like Prilosec to suppress the return of acid and relieve the symptoms. But you should know drugs are not all the answers for the stomach problem. Sometimes, having more drugs may cause more severe side effect like high blood pressure. In conclusion, natural remedy is usually the best method. The base of the treatment is not eating too much and more healthy food habit.

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