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How to Get Rid of Love Handles in the Next 30 Days

By Suzana Mikolova Jul9,2022

How to Get Rid of Love Handles in the Next 30 Days It was great weather yesterday evening. Being a Sunday and off day for me, I decided to take a long walk across the nature. The overall mood in the nature park was joyful. I noticed many families just lounging or walking around the nature. One thing caught my attention. And that’s people doing their exercises. Now being a trainer and fitness author, I started noticing what they were doing. Now here’s a surprise, most people there were spending most of the time working out on their mid section. Some of them trying sit ups, some of the trying to work on their love handles. People were using exercises like sit ups, side bends, side twists. Now my first thought was to remind them, that you cannot “spot reduce” a trouble some portion of your body. Unfortunately it doesn’t happen. Now because I know about this fact, doesn’t mean that everyone else knows about it… so I decided to write and remind my readers about how to handle your love handles. Now the secret behind losing love handles is low body fat percentage. If you can drop below 12% for a man and somewhere around 18% for women (the BF percentage for women is higher, don’t worry about this being fat), there’ll be no more love handles. So how do you cut those stubborn fat? Simple drop your overall body fat. And here’s how. 1. Follow a good nutrition system.  One of the biggest change you can make is in what you eat. Without a good diet, you should just quit, that’s how Important I believe a good diet is. If you just drop all the junk food and High carb foods from your daily meals, you’ll notice big change… almost immediately. Remember No junk or high carb foods. 2. A good intensive workout program – second thing that’ll help with this problem is a good intensive workout. Now I don’t mean you have to double your program. Nope. I mean something with High Intensity. You should be looking into incorporating at least 3 sessions per week of High intensity training. HIIT based workouts are best. Plus if you add 2 days of full body exercise plan with free weights, You’ll see changes far sooner than possible. Remember the mantra of losing love handles = Good Diet + High Intensity Workout + Free weight workouts.

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