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How To Be Helpful To Someone Who Is Aging

By Suzana Mikolova May4,2022

Age can determine your temperament, behavior, and even the ailments you may develop. Therefore, it is very important to identify the stage in which your loved one currently is so you can be informed of how to prepare your loved one to enter the geriatric age, the care and special requirements he needs, as well as the changes they will face. Each stage is different, we must share it and enjoy it with them to the fullest.

The Elderly

The elderly need a warm space, perform activities that aid their health, and take care of the food that helps them face this stage that occurs in two main ways:

Senescence: this is when your loved one faces healthy aging where only the signs of age such as gray hair, low level of activity, predisposition to tooth sensitivity, drooping eyes, among others, are present. The nutrition and lifestyle your loved one had during your previous two stages will contribute significantly to your having a quiet old age and fewer risks of illness.

Senility: it is when diseases occur, among the most common are kidney failure (a third of geriatric suffering and it is very difficult to obtain this diagnosis), heart failure (their heart is prone to have conditions, which results in hypertension), osteoarthritis (joint problems), senile dementia (which causes the rhythm to change when sleeping, causing deep or intermittent dreams and sometimes may not know their environment due to memory failures) or sarcopenia (which is a disease associated with the loss of muscle mass and generates deterioration of the body condition).

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Entering Specific Stages

If your loved one is about to enter this stage, it is important that you keep in mind the importance of providing the care and requirements to live this stage fully. Some tips you can keep in mind:

  • Keep the person active. Look for activities that you can adapt to, such as short walks that keep them physically and mentally active.
  • Respect their space. At this stage, many prefer long periods of sleep. However, find time to be with your loved one and show affection with caresses.
  • Help your loved one get good rest. Buy a bed to place at floor level and padded to keep him warm.
  • Take your loved one to regular checkups. The doctor must apply an orthopedic, neurological, and cardiac examination to check that everything is going correctly or anticipate any warning signs. We recommend that you make these visits regularly throughout the year.

Healthy Choices

Over time, very specific needs arise that are natural at age, so it is important to provide healthy choices including food to help maintain vitality. The choice of food should be high in antioxidants, fatty acids, and nutrients that help osteoarticular health, maintain a healthy weight, promote digestive tolerance, combat the formation of tartar, help with dental health.

Help your loved one in the face of a painful experience. In the event that your loved one has kidney problems, heart problems, allergies, among others, you should consult with the doctor to provide you with the ideal food that can help overcome them quickly and keep them nourished.

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Be Patient

Love, affection, and patience. At this stage there may be accidents. It is to your advantage to be patient. Remember that your loved one does not do it on purpose and he is not very sure what is happening, so with love and affection show your loved one that everything is fine. This may be a time to consider a Florida assisted living facility where your loved one can be in the care of a professional.

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