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Free Cycling

By Suzana Mikolova Jul27,2022

Free Cycling Green is my favorite color. Being “green” is one of my passions. Yes, I’ve been caught taking things out of the garbage and moving them to the appropriate recycle container. I’m not ashamed of being caught, rather I feel pride. I can always wash my hands! On neighborhood walks, I often pick up improperly discarded plastic water bottles or cans that litter yards. I’ll bring it home to place in our recycle bin. Sometimes, I’m hesitant to just throw it into a park trash container because I’m uncertain if the garbage is separated into trash and recycle. Recycling as much of our garbage is essential to our future and that off our children. I’ve got another angle to share in the same concept as recycling; I’m involved in an effort to “free cycle” which is giving things away for more usage before sending it to be recycled for good. I’ve been saving some of my old magazines. Obviously, some of the TIME or NEWSWEEK magazines become old news quickly, but the Reader Digest, Guidepost, Family Circle and National Geographic can still have some very interesting articles, photos, recipes, or jokes for others to enjoy. I’ve placed these magazines (minus address labels) on a “free cycling” tarp at the end of my driveway during our annual garage sale. Our newspaper ad included the “free cycling” listing. One lady showed up at our sale that worked with seniors and was thrilled to take many of the back issues with her. She filled up a cardboard box, smiling and chatting away about how happy the seniors would be to enjoy some “new to them” reading materials. In the present economy and in an effort to be as “green” as possible, can this concept be shared for other garage sales? Are there other “seniors” or military folks – active or vets that would enjoy some slightly used magazines? I haven’t found them yet, but continue to do my free cycling at my garage sales. I hope the excited lady who works with the seniors comes back each year!

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