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Food Cooking and Preparation Techniques – So Important For Weight Loss

Food Cooking and Preparation Techniques – So Important For Weight Loss If you already know you have to follow a proper diet to lose weight and eat regularly preferably 4-6 meals per day in small quantities, that’s already a big step ahead. You’ve already made a wise choice to eat healthy, low fat and low sugar foods. But did you also know that how you prepare your meals is of paramount importance for weight loss? It really is. Let me explain. Ok, you’ve opted for a skinless chicken breast which is very low in fat, hence you’re already eating healthily but what about your cooking technique? This matters a lot as well. If you’re going to deep fry that chicken breast in oil or using too much oil while stir frying, you’re diminishing the value of that chicken breast as compared to if you were to boil it, grill it or bake it for instance. Low fat cooking methods are recommended if you want to lose weight. Another example is a salad. OK you’ve got a fine salad which does not have any fat but what you add in your salad like the dressing can have a negative impact on your weight loss goals. If you add a high fat dressing in your salad, this will impede your weight loss objectives. Or what if you eat a potato but you add high fat butter or mayonnaise with it. This is a sample of a wrong diet for a weight loss individual. Now let’s see. If you were to eat a plain boiled skinless chicken breast with some salt for seasoning, a plain salad with some olive oil and a plain baked potato, see the difference how you’ve been able to remove all the unhealthy items which will only be beneficial and favorable for your weight loss.

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