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Do Low Carb Diets Really Work? The Real Deal Behind Carbohydrates

By Suzana Mikolova Sep16,2022

Do Low Carb Diets Really Work? The Real Deal Behind Carbohydrates It has always been surprising what people are willing to go through just to shed those extra pounds to be healthier as well as more physically attractive. Whatever the reasons are behind following a diet, it pays off to actually be informed well enough about what you are putting your body through. Now you really want to know, do low carb diets really work? Low carbohydrate diets have gained popularity even more so since the common belief is that carbs are responsible for increasing one’s appetite and body weight. The simple premise in a low carb diet is that eating low carbs translate to weight loss. The Ideal Fuel Carbs provide the energy required for the muscles and the brain to function efficiently. Low carbohydrate diets are often accompanied with fatigue, nausea, bad breath and headaches which impede your daily work activities. Burns Fat Your system wouldn’t be able to burn fat properly when it lacks carbohydrates. Carbs commonly bind with fragments of fat to be transformed into energy. From what you’ve read so far, are you still asking, do low carb diets really work? Less Trips to the Bathroom Dehydration and the decrease in fiber brought by a low carbohydrate diet results to constipation. Regular waste elimination from the body is therefore hampered. We all know that bad things happen when waste is stored in the body longer than it should. An intensely low carb diet is potentially dangerous and not to mention boring! It may work initially but it’s hard to sustain and will eventually cause your body to gain weight. Suitable amounts of carbohydrates in your diet is vital for enduring health and successful weight loss. If someone asks you, do low carb diets really work? now you know that the answer is NO! Food as our Ally in Losing Weight! Why restrict yourself with the foods you like to eat when it is possible to lose weight by eating more. To reap the benefits of this life changing program for losing weight, please visit

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