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Discover the Most Outrageous Diet Programs Ever

Discover the Most Outrageous Diet Programs Ever If you take a look at the history of diet programs, you will definitely find a number of awe-inspiring plans to lose weight. After all, men and women have been trying for centuries to eat properly in order to get skinny. However, just because a diet program is meant to make you get skinny, it does not stop the weight loss agenda from being highly bizarre. At the beginning of the 20th century, an American health food faddist named Horace Fletcher introduced the Chewing Diet to popular culture. The program revolves around chewing up every bite of your food 32 times or more in order to prevent fat growth and upset stomachs. Every bite should spend 30 seconds or more in your mouth, and you’ll grow so sick of eating that you’ll only worry about the bare necessities. Doing so should allow weight loss to come quickly. In fact, Fletcher claimed to drop 40 pounds by properly chomping up everything that went into his mouth. Of course, practicing the Chewing Diet takes more time to eat, as well as causing your jaw to become sore. Next, the outrageous Tapeworm Diet was used a little more than 100 years ago on both sides of the Atlantic. Retailers were actually on the streets selling parasites in a pill form to consume your food, while defending your body against any urges to eat. Whether or not the little tapeworms were actually inside the capsules, or if they were bogus products is unknown. Meanwhile, folks tend to get upset stomachs, headaches and painful infections from the little creatures. Regardless, many individuals, such as professional jockeys and medical professionals, were proud spokesmen for the wacky Tapeworm Diet. Then there’s the silly Sleeping Diet. The program actually centers on staying in bed to prevent you from eating. If you try it, you will end up sedated enough to starve your body of important nutrients, as well as donuts. This is the weight loss plan that Elvis Presley relied on, and you see how successful the diet was for the King. Besides hunger pains, men and women have reported severe headaches and nausea after attempting to lose weight with the Sleeping Diet. Dieters have even resorted to Ear Stapling in order to lose belly fat. They actually pierce a part of one or two ears to fight off any temptations to eat. People leave each staple in for anywhere from one to three months at a time. After that, your body would just become used to the piercing. While many people have sworn to the diet program’s effectiveness, most health care professionals claim that it’s worthless. Many states in the US have even outlawed Ear Stapling due to horrible infections that it has been known to cause. At the same time, putting a staple through your ear can be quite painful, especially when it becomes infected. Normal folks can do nerve damage when they do not know how to properly pierce an ear. I suppose that simply counting your calories and working out in order to get skinny sounds pretty good right now.

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