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Discouraged About Weight Loss? Don’t Feel Alone Since You Are NOT Alone – Which Diet Really Works?

By Suzana Mikolova Oct8,2022

Discouraged About Weight Loss? Don’t Feel Alone Since You Are NOT Alone – Which Diet Really Works? It’s easy to get discouraged about our weight issues. We feel all alone sometimes. However, you are not alone. In fact, statistics show that about two out of every three of us are overweight, or even obese. There are literally thousands of “diets” to choose from but the vast majority of them are effectively useless. Either the diets make no nutritional sense, or they are impossible to follow because they require foods that one does not normally eat. Do you like eating separate from your family and friends? I don’t either. Here’s the good news: the way to lose weight is the same way to eat healthfully for the rest of your life! And, it is not is a matter of developing a few new habits. Most of us are overweight because we eat too much and exercise too little…period! Most of us want to look our best but that is not the most important issue. Our health needs to be the primary consideration whenever we decide to lose weight. Extra weight greatly increases our risk of developing medical conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, and even cancer. So, what to do about the weight? Let’s look at a few starting points. You need to determine the extent of your weight problem. Your health care provider will do some basic measurements. One such tool is the BMI (body mass index); another is waist measurement. These tools are typically used together because even if your BMI falls within a normal range but your waist size is larger than your hips or thighs, you are at greater risk of developing chronic disease related to weight. There are factors which put you at even greater peril for sickness if you are obese. These include: – high blood pressure – high cholesterol – high blood sugar – smoking – sedentary job If you have these conditions your doctor will assist you in finding a correct nutritional plan to help you lose weight. The American Medical Association has determined that you can significantly reduce health risk if you lose only five to ten percent of your body weight. If you weigh 200 pounds and need to lose 60 of those pounds, aim for the goal of losing ten to twenty pounds (which is five to ten percent of your total weight). When you achieve this goal you will be well on your way to weight loss and you will have reduced your risk of developing weight-related diseases.

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