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Diet For When You Are 50

By Suzana Mikolova Oct12,2022

Diet For When You Are 50 When you’re 50, menopause kicks in, you already feel the signs… You need to learn for your age, to prevent the menopause side effects, which everyone around you speaks of. Your mother had it easy, you hope you have the same menopause symptoms. Here is what people approaching menopause usually eat, and what we advise you to change about it. The usual day At 8:30, you have a coffee with milk, whole cereals or dry fruit with milk, an apple, a glass of orange juice. At 13:00 you have 2 slices of bread with tuna, lettuce, mayo and lemonade. At 16:00 you have a snack consisting of pistachios, and a cup of instant tea. For dinner, at 19:30, you have 2 slices of pizza with mushrooms, a small salad and instant tea. At 08:30 you have a crystallized chocolate cookie or a croissant. All these come to a total of 2200 calories. Here’s what you should change: The ideal day Add 2 spoons f linen seeds in your cereal bowl, and have some melon. The linen seeds are rich in fito-estrogens, and the beta-carotene in the melon is a strong antioxidant that prevents cellular affecting diseases. Replace the mayo with a dressing based on vegetable oil or yoghurt. By replacing the saturated fats, you reduce the risk of cancer or heart conditions, which are not uncommon at your age. Replace coffee with tea, to diminish the caffeine you consume every day. For dinner, add a broccoli salad and a carrot, and have a plant tea. You need the antioxidants, and the A and C vitamins and the fito-estrogens diminish the menopause symptoms. This will be the last meal every day, no more cookies after it! This totals 200 calories. 

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