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Damage Control: Surviving A Binge Eating Weekend

By Suzana Mikolova Sep5,2022

Damage Control: Surviving A Binge Eating Weekend Moderation is key. However, sometimes overeating is unavoidable. Whether you have no willpower in the face of sweets, or you’re socially obligated to have a second piece of cake, there will be times when you will be faced with a diet destroying junk food binge. How do you prevent the junk food from storing as long-term fat? The best way is to be preventative: -Eat a solid meal before going out. -Eat a good sized portion of only what you have been -Try a *little* bit of everything. -Avoid excess alcohol. It will make you very hungry. Okay, you tried prevention, and failed miserably. No big deal. Follow these tips: 1. Don’t do it again the following day. Your body stores extra fat. If you only slip once in a while, it will be burned off easily with exercise, and balanced by good nutrition. Honestly, it won’t even be an issue. If you’re eating really healthy 90% of the time, eating “bad” food is psychologically GOOD for you. Why work out so hard, and monitor food intake, if you can’t let loose once in a while? As long as your calorie input is less or equal to the output, you will continue to lose/maintain weight. It’s only when you are eating more than you burn on average, over the course of the week, that you should be worried about losing results. 2. Exercise. Burn fat the next morning. Instant feel good. 3. Drink water and herbal tea. Give your body a flush. Liquids are your friend. Staying hydrated will keep the metabolism revved, and will reduce bloating. 4. Calorie cycling. There is a theory called calorie cycling. Just like progressive overload, you want to trick your metabolism into change, just as you do with your body when exercising. The technique is very simple: If you have a heavy calorie day, cycle with lower calories on the following day. Basically, eat lighter. 5. Eat fruit and veggies. Your body needs a dose of health. Fruits especially, and vegetables have a high water content, and both contain: vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber. Fill up on the good stuff. This article isn’t meant to alarm anybody. I’ll be sure to point out that a night of bad eating isn’t the end of weeks of hard work. Hardly! I do get asked regularly what to about a ravenous binge. Even as a personal trainer and nutrition nut I get irresistible cravings. Hey, it happens, and if it helps, it’s a a cheat!

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