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Confused About Snacks For Candida Diet? Read This Guide First

By Suzana Mikolova Aug14,2022

Confused About Snacks For Candida Diet? Read This Guide First Are you confused about snacks for candida diet? This article will help you a little bit with a sample case of my friend Linda. She wants to know what she can have to snack on that has some taste. However, she can’t deal with nuts and seeds as the reaction will give bad effects. Having no nuts and no seeds really makes things more complicated. However, I know the feeling, and I also work from home so it is not as bad. Alternatives are of course still available about snacks for candida diet. She just may have to take a bag of cold vegetables. There are some good brown rice and black bean tortilla chips out there. She can take breath mints. They have a lot of garlic. Another alternative is hummus. It is made from chick peas, lemon juice and garlic all mashed up to a pulp and some bits of vegetables that she could dip into the hummus and eats. However, if she is dealing with customers, she might want to chew parsley to get rid of the garlic breath. I have a friend, Jane, she has started to have hummus for breakfast on her toast and she has noticed a huge difference in her symptoms. She was also getting cranky too – which suggests to me that maybe what she was having for breakfast before contained too much sugar and her body wanted to have it to feed the candida. She was truly awful! But it may works differently with others. Linda should try that. My personal snacks are nuts, tortilla chips (in moderation) and veggies, rather than carrots and celery. I go for radishes, celery, cucumber, turnips, etc. I also snack on ryvitas, and rice cakes. I also have a cereal for my snacks for candida diet that mostly quinoa which I put soy milk on and acidophilus yoghurt on too.

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