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Cardio For Weight Loss!

By Suzana Mikolova May23,2022

Cardio For Weight Loss! Cardio is one of the most important aspects of a healthy lifestyle. Cardio is the act of working out your cardiovascular system (which distributes blood). Usually cardio is done in the form of running, walking, or any type of aerobic exercise. The main goal of cardio is to get your heart rate higher than usual and maintain that level for thirty to forty minutes. At this point you are probably thinking that thirty minutes of elevated exercise isn’t your thing and you won’t do it! Don’t be stubborn, cardio is a must for any lifestyle change or weight loss program. -Cardio is just as influential in maintaining a certain weight zone as it is losing those unwanted pounds. Cardio should be in everyone’s’ life. -Cardio is something that must be built upon and won’t come easy. The best advice is to take it slow and don’t hurt yourself. The first step to starting and increasing your cardio activity is to create an action plan. This action plan will allow you to pinpoint where you are and where you want to be. Just as you would with any physical activity or exercise, keep a journal. Most likely you won’t be able to start off running miles a day unless you are an athlete. A good point to start at is walking fifteen minutes a day. Once you have this down you should start light jogging for a constant fifteen minutes. You want to build yourself up to running a mile at a time. Since running is very intensive and requires good physique you can start off the action plan at your own pace. REMEMBER that cardio will allow you to gain heart strength and stamina. If you walk and run multiple times a week you can eventually build up to running and so forth. In the end cardio will allow you to burn calories and build a strong physique all in one. With that being said, don’t give up on cardio or what it entitles. For more information check out Conquer That Craving and stay up to date on nutritional facts and exercises.

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