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Benefits of Cycling – Not Just For Your Health

By Suzana Mikolova May6,2022

Benefits of Cycling – Not Just For Your Health A recent study has brought to light that riding a bike rather than driving a car could save billions when it comes to the cost of the health service and the money spent on problems concerning the environment. The cost of those who have bad health due to lack of fitness is increasing and the pollution caused by cars and other vehicles is also growing to a cost that the government cannot afford to pay. Tons and tons of money is being spent in the health industry on those who are unhealthy and patients who are unfit. It is believed that cycling could reduce the detrimental cost on the health service. It could also help citizens become healthier which in turn would mean the health service spends less money on treatment and curing those who are not as fit as they should be. The cost of repairing the environment after the pollution of cars and vehicles could also be greatly reduced if more people cycled instead of driving a motor vehicle. With less cars on the road the pollution and impact on the environment would be a lot lower and this would result in less money spent on reversing the implications that global warming brings with it. Restoring the environment back to its original state requires a lot of money and this could be massively reduced if less people drove each day. Cycling not only saves billions for the government but it can also save many lives each and every year. A high number of people are lost to car accidents and incidents involving cars on the road. Many are becoming the victim of cars driving too fast or in a careless manner and if more people cycled this number could be greatly reduced and more lives would be saved each and every year. A study in an American university has shown that if a city or town incorporated a good biking infrastructure, they would be more likely to introduce more cyclists and therefore more people would receive the health benefits offered via such an activity. The places in the world that have a lower number of diseases where those who cycled more than they drove a car. It has shown that those who cycled more rather than driving had far better health and were a lot less likely to have disease or illness. A lot people may not like the idea of cycling but it may the way forward in sorting out the huge amount of debt our countries are in. If you are at all interested then you should defiantly go for it. All it requires is a bike, some accessories and the correct clothing. Just by purchasing these few items, you are saving money, lives and your own health.

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